This ain’t the travel channel…. 
This is us, traveling and camping, our way across the country. Our goal is to visit as many states and as many national parks as our jobs,                              budget and time will allow.

Meet MATT: according to him, he hit middle age in his mid twenties (he claims old age is fifty). He’s a hilarious, tell-it-like-it-is guy who has kept me laughing for 18 years (15 of those have been in wedded bliss…just ask him:) He’s disorganized, messy and considers P-L-A-N a four letter word but somehow pulls it all together in the end. He would do anything for his friends and family and definitely has a bark worse than his bite. I would put he likes long walks on the beach but honestly he doesn’t like long walks anywhere…..he claims that if it’s a sight worth seeing they will build a road to it. (and walking gives him hip lock????)

Meet JAKE: a mini version of Matt (he once asked how everyone knew he was Matt’s kid) He’s smart, funny and extremely observant….way more observant than what anyone would like 🙂 He’s an awesome traveler as long as he has enough food. He enjoys anything with wheels and a motor and currently holds the world record for the fastest time in trashing the back seat of a car. Seriously….I think hauling livestock would leave my car cleaner.

Meet CRYSTAL (me): how do you try to describe yourself? hmmmm…..well here goes. I’m your typical Type A gal. I like to plan, organize and discuss. I love lists and calendars and the more organization the better. Sometimes this can be a good thing (like if I was Colin Powell planning an airstrike or something) but mostly I think it annoys people. Sorry that’s just how I roll 🙂 I love my family and friends more than anything in this world and love to laugh. And I think it’s important to point out that B.C. (before children) I used to promise myself that I would never be one of those mom’s whose back seats looked like a dumpster exploded….

Meet the FAMILY TRUCKSTER: It’s an 02′ Ford F350 that screams “Grandpa Cratchett”. The only thing that sets this truck apart from the AARP crowd is the lack of those highly effective “deer whistlers” on the front bumper and a clothes rod across the backseat to hang our freshly pressed slacks and blouses. But Ol’ Gray has proven herself time and time again and the best part is free fuel!! She runs on used cooking oil.

Our camper is a 2009 Pilgrim Bunkhouse (that there Clark is an RV….) with two slides, a full kitchen and better cabinets than what I have in my house. It claims it can sleep 9 (I think they meant 2 adults and 7 leprechauns) and has a full bathroom. She has heat and air conditioning and boasts a year’s supply of insect repellent.