Ever since Jake was old enough to play with toys, his toy of choice was always some kind of car. He would spend hours upon hours playing with his cars and trucks. We even had to carry “emergency cars” in our coat pockets, purses and vehicles in case we forgot to bring one with us.  
He had all his cars memorized and once he figured out how to look up videos on the iPad, it was nothing but car videos. Now our days are filled with the latest in automotive technology and news and hours upon hours of videos of speeding cars, pulling trucks and diesels on dynos.  
Automobiles have been his language since birth. 
He was the reason I entered a contest with the Detroit News for a chance to be a People’s Choice Judge for the 2017 Detroit Auto Show. And he was also the reason I was beyond excited to learn I was selected. 
So today Jake and I hit the road to Detroit to judge the North American International Auto Show. Me in my “official” capacity as judge. And he as my “selected guest”. 
Jake Bramel in Motor City….that’s going to be pretty awesome.