The other day in class I was discussing with the kids a real life writing scenario.  I told them to write an email to a teacher expressing concerns over a low grade. (I got some interesting responses by the way) One kid said to me “I bet you write crazy long emails.”  I responded I kinda do but I love to write and told him I even started keeping a travel blog for my family several years back. He then said “Why?  Who would read it?  Like you and maybe your mom?” 

I had to laugh.  Mostly because it’s true. So mom, and maybe the one other random person who accidentally stumbles across this blog, this is for you. 

I have a big birthday approaching this year.  Been bothering me. Never thought 25 would bother me this much but it does. To help ease the pain, we left Jake at home and met my friend Rachel, my cousin Angela and her husband Mike and Angela’s friend (who is now my friend because I said so) Meagan in Nashville for a weekend celebration.  

Warning. Picture overload. 
On our way to Nashville. Matt looks thrilled. 

We got the exact same room as last time.  I think they are going to name the room after us. 

Matt and Brett. Brett is a high school friend of Matt’s. He and his wife now live near Nashville. 

Me and Rachel. 

Dinner with Matt, Rachel and our good friend Dan. Dan lives near Nashville too. I’m noticing a theme here. 

Me and Dan. I just love this guy. 

Me and my cousin Angela waiting on the shuttle to take us downtown. 

Meagan having a little trouble staying upright in her shoes. She told us a few minutes before “I love these shoes but I can’t walk in them.”  

Me and Meagan at Wildhorse
Wildhorse Saloon. 

Rachel heading to the dance floor.  I have literally never seen anyone dance as much or as long as Rachel. She’s like the energizer bunny. 

Our friend Tiffani couldn’t make the trip this time around and we missed her!  

Hanging out on the deck of the bar and grill next door to our hotel.  

Mike and Angela waiting for the FSU game to start. 

Brett came back and brought his wife Lori. We had a great time! 

Me and Lori. 

Here’s to my 25th year. 😉

Thanks Nashville.