I think that title could sum up most of our travel adventures. But this time around it definitely applies. 

After leaving Jake and Matt in Nashville, I drove on to Orange Beach, Alabama where the temperature was so hot I was sweating more than the time I tried on a romper in H & M’s dressing room and couldn’t get it off. 

That was actual temp. Can’t imagine what the heat index was. 

It ended up being 981 miles from my front door to the condo in Orange Beach. Not exactly a Sunday Drive but worth it to see my cousin Angela and have some fun at the beach. Unfortunately, there was just one small problem—I had no where to park my jeep. 

The condo only gave one parking pass. I tried nearby hotels, u-store places, I even called the local towing company to ask where they tow from the least. I ended up leaving Chili (That’s my jeep’s name. Got a problem with that weirdo?) at a supermarket about 3/4 mile from the condo for the night. Not willingly I might add. Besides the fact of driving a vehicle with easily interchangeable stolen parts, Matt’s stellar driving this year wasn’t exactly friendly to our car insurance premiums. We couldn’t afford another claim in any way shape or form. So the next morning I walked to get Chili and reluctantly packed up to head back north. I think it was the right decision since Chili ended up with a gouge in her windshield. If it was there before abandoning her overnight, I didn’t see it. 

I hope she didn’t cry too much when it happened. Especially since she was all alone. 

Thankfully I got one night at the beach before I left. We had a blast at Flora Bama. 

My friend Megan and I had opposite good sides for pictures. So we had to compromise. 

Of course I had to try the nachos. First time ever for crawfish nachos and they were delicious. I would say a solid 8.5 on the CNS (Crystal Nacho Scale). 

My cousin Angela and me. Probably my very first friend in this world. 

Signed the bar at Flora Bama. 

Angela and I, along with our other cousins, grew up having the best times at my Granny and Grandaddy’s house. They lived in a house behind a Texaco oil field yard & I can honestly say the days I spent there were some of the happiest days of my life. It was and still is, hands down, my happy place. I can close my eyes and see, smell, hear and touch every inch of that place. All kids should be so lucky. I’m not so sure my granny would approve me signing a bar in her honor (I think she would think the whole thing was “ugly”) but I hope she wouid be honored that 19 years after she left us, Angela and I are still BFF’s and the thought of her, granddaddy and the happiest place on Earth can bring tears to our eyes. 

I got as far as I-10 the next morning when I decided that instead of heading back to Matt and Jake in Nashville I would head southeast to Tampa and visit my friend Tiffani. She claimed she would love to have me visit when I called her but I was also already heading her way when I called. Telling me no at that point would have been a little awkward. Am I right?  

Tiff and me in Tampa. 

Tiff’s dog Olli always wants to take selfies with me. You would think this would get old but every time I visit, more selfies. 

I think he wanted to go home with me. Either that or he was trying to help me pack so the crazy selfie lady would leave. 

I determined the 16 hour drive back home was too much for me to make straight through by myself so I stopped back in Nashville on the way home. 

Florida sunrise the morning I started back home. 

Our friend Dan graciously gave me a place to stay in Nashville and I had a good evening visiting with him and his dad.  They even bought me dinner. Such great guys. ❤️ 

I can’t be sure but I’m thinking I may have captured Pupper Dan’s first selfie.  Love that smile!!

Other than a debit card issue (my bank shuts off debit cards in certain states with absolutely no warning–they claim its fraud protection, I can’t tell you what I claim it is because it would involve at least one four letter word…probably with “bull” as a prefix) and a toothless trucker offering me a free cup of coffee if I came out to his truck, my solo road trip adventure was a success.  Made me realize I have been blessed with some pretty awesome people in my life and even though it didn’t go as planned, I enjoyed every single mile.