Let’s see. Where to begin?

Matt’s job put a damper on our traveling ways this summer. He spent the whole month of June in Detroit for training. Got back in time for the big county fair where Jake shows his pigs & then once that was over we realized summer was basically gasping its last breath for us. Jake goes back to school August 1. 

So we decided to try to get a trip in. Somewhere. I was originally supposed to meet my cousin & some of her friends at the beach for a girls trip but I found out earlier this summer I have more skin cancer so laying and baking in the sun was kinda like smoking a pack of cigarettes while using oxygen for my emphysema.  But Matt convinced me that I could just hang out indoors & that some boy time for him and Jake would be good. So last Wednesday we headed out convoy style–Matt and Jake in Old Gray pulling the camper. Me following in Chili the Jeep. Headed to Nashville where I would hang with them for a night before heading on the next day to the coast. 

I use the term “following” loosely. Chili and I safely follow the speed limit.  Matt tries to be the first person to break the sound barrier in a diesel truck.  

We had a little excitement before we even hit the state line. A low speed police chase heading northbound ended up affecting the southbound lanes as well when they shut the interstate down to deploy stop sticks. Jake and Matt made it through before they shut it down but I got stuck for a little bit. 

The old ford ranger was the car being pursued. Not sure how it all ended up but Jake learned a little bit about our great American history when Matt mentioned it was just like OJ Simpson and Jake asked “Who is OJ Simpson?”
We had dinner Wednesday night with our friend Dan and his dad Pupper Dan. (We discussed how this whole Pupper Dan nickname came about–although we can trace the origin we still don’t why). We had a delicious dinner at the Log Cabin Restaurant in Hurricane Mills. Excellent food & service. Afterwards we were standing around in the parking lot & got to watching the semis roll in the truck stop across the street.  If they cut the entrance too short & had just enough speed, their trailer would roll up on this hill & shift their loads. It was actually more exciting than it sounds. We stood around watching for a long time, like a panel of Olympic ice skating judges.

  The judges.

You know Cletus, the difficulty of that manuever is going to increase the overall score….

We all took home pie from the restaurant. I’m not typically a pie person (however I have never met a cake I didn’t like) but the pies looked so good we couldn’t resist. 

This is buttermilk chess pie. I have never heard of chess pies before but apparently they are pretty popular in the South. 

Jake enjoying his chocolate chess pie. (Side note:  the shirt is my brother’s business. Jake literally has 20 of these t shirts & wears them constantly.  As soon as I hit 7 readers on this blog I think I’m gonna hit up my brother for product placement fees).

The next morning I woke up early and was beach bound. Not going to lie, made me sad to leave my guys but they promised they would be okay.  Jake said to me “You need girl time. All you ever have is boys.”  I think he was being sincere or perhaps he just wanted my pie.  

More pictures and stories to come….