In April we got some exciting news that was a long time coming. After waiting fifteen years, Matt was finally given an apprenticeship at work! We were beyond proud of him. 

The only thing not so exciting about this news was the fact Matt had to spend a month out-of-state for training.  

So other than an unfortunate incident where I dropped my iPhone into a random, unexplained sinkful of water (ahem….Matt) his time away has been fairly uneventful but we have missed him terribly.  I mean I had to single handedly (well I did have some wasp spray) killed the ridiculously aggressive black,furry spider in the mailbox. If Matt was home I would ask him to kill the spider. He would roll his eyes and I would then refuse to get the mail.  It’s hard doing it all on your own. You know what I’m saying? 

After Jake got out of school we decided to hit the road and go visit Matt in the big Motor City.  

Jake got introduced to frappes recently. To say he’s hooked would be an understatement. All he needs now is a pair of leggings, a messy bun (which really isn’t easy I’ve discovered) and a pair of ugg boots and he will officially be a suburban teenage girl.  He’s growing up so fast. Sniff…

Jake and I made it to Detroit before Matt was out of training for the day. So we took advantage of the absolutely gorgeous weather & hung out in the hotel courtyard.  Jake brought his hover board & loved all the concrete. 

Reunited and it feels so good 🎤. I promise Matt was glad to see us despite his happy face here. And I promise we never hold him hostage while taking pictures even though it obviously looks like it. 

After Matt was done for the day we went to Gator Jake’s for dinner and we tried actual alligator for the first time.  I’m very picky about meat, like I hate steak, won’t eat chicken unless it’s boneless breast, I would totally die by Day 2 on an episode of Naked and Afraid, but even I had to admit the alligator was pretty good. 

After dinner we sat out in the courtyard again laughing like hyenas at some of the new snapchat filters.  I think they are pretty funny….or maybe we need more excitement in our lives.  

Jake and Matt face swap–kinda creepy. 

The next day, while Matt was in class, we drove over to the outlet mall. Not necessarily because we are just great shoppers but more so because exploring metro Detroit isn’t for the faint hearted.  I just read last night that police discovered a body under the I-75 overpass at 7 Mile Road.  We went past there.  

I am colorblind. Which makes shopping a little difficult. Well at least when I try to pick out something other than black or gray. This top was pretty risqué for me in terms of color. So I had to rely on my color committee to help me. My color committee consists of a couple trusted friends, my cousin and Matt. They are so used to getting pictures like this sent to them with the question “okay?” Bless their hearts.  I honestly don’t know what I would do without them. 

Jake’s accommodations for the trip. Cute little hide-a-bed couch. He said it slept well but I think that kid could sleep on a bed of nails. 

We only stayed a couple days.  My parents kept Piper for us and my father-in-law kept the 4H pigs alive and well. We swung by and picked up Piper on the way home. 

I think she missed us. 

Good to be home. Matt rejoins us today.