We left yesterday to start the trek home. We planned to take our time since Old Gray was pulling back probably something heavier than her. 

  Old Gray and her precious cargo. 
We only had a couple minor mishaps yesterday. And I mean minor. Especially for us. 

  Matt went to open the tailgate during our very first stop and the latch broke. This is actually our second latch. We’ve already replaced it once. So while Jake googled YouTube videos on how to break into tailgates, Matt used a couple screwdrivers and was able to get it to pop. We also lost a ratchet strap on Jake’s show truck. Luckily we noticed before we had a catastrophe. 

We were making fairly decent time until Atlanta. I feel like that seems to be everyone’s famous last words. Atlanta was especially bad this time around. Took us about 3 hours to totally clear Atlanta. 

  Lovely Atlanta. 
We were hoping to make it to the north side of Nashville before we stopped for the night but once Matt started using some extremely colorful language to describe his fellow drivers we knew it was probably time to park it for the night. He started the day out graciously waving people over, thanking them for letting him in and such and by 8:00pm everyone on the road was a dumb ass and the only person who even remotely knew how to drive was him. It’s kinda like recognizing when your toddler needs a nap. 

  Orange sky sunset over Chattanooga. 
We stayed the night in Monteagle, Tennessee. Jake was all worried about someone breaking into his truck. I’m not too sure why. Even if they could get the jammed doors open there isn’t anything for them to take. Except save me from having my yard look like a salvage yard. 

  Not exactly a magnet for thieves. 

Matt wore his traveling shirt yesterday. We have been married almost 17 years (Yes I know what you’re thinking. How could someone as young as me have been married that long?) and since we’ve been married he has wore this shirt on every trip we’ve ever been on. From our honeymoon to our excursions out West and everything in between. 

  It’s a County Seat shirt which should give you some idea of the age without having to perform any carbon dating tests.  It’s stretched out and worn thin and has a hole in one shoulder and even has a seat belt wear pattern but he proudly puts it on every trip. This morning as we were packing up I think he could see me eyeballing the shirt laying over a chair in our hotel room. I did briefly think it could be accidentally left behind. He picked it up and said “I’ll take care of my traveling shirt because I don’t think I can trust you.” He can be so perceptive sometimes. 

Heading north and freezing our tushies off. Apparently spring has left the building up this way. Looking forward to my own warm bed tonight. Spring break 2016 is officially ovah—peace out. ✌🏼