We spent our last full day here on the beach. We went back to Fred Howard Park. We just loved the beach there. 

  That’s the park, the island on the right. 

  Jake and I met a friend. I use the term friend loosely. He was not very friendly. And could move surprisingly fast. 
  They were filming on the beach today. I quickly googled to see if I could find out what was being filmed. Apparently some scenes from Magic Mike were filmed here back in 2012 so I was getting kinda excited then someone told us it was a commercial for some airline. Still interesting. Especially to see the amount of people involved.  Security. Make up. Concessions. Lighting. For a brief moment security thought Jake was an extra in the commercial. 

We joined our friend Tiffani after she got off work for dinner. Started out at Rum River Bar & Grill where we had….you guessed it. Nachos. 

  They were okay. I would give them 2 out of 5 stars on my carefully calculated nacho rating scale. ⭐️⭐️
  Teaching Tiffani the art of being a nacho connoisseur. 
We weren’t real impressed with their menu (or their nachos) so we decided to head down the road to Wing House.  It’s like a knock off of Hooters. Except the waitresses at Hooters at least try to cover their booties a little. And Hooters has pickle chips not spears.  Even though I’m not a fried pickle connoisseur, I do know the whole chips versus spears issue is an important one. 

 The nachos at Wing House. A solid four stars.  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  Jake and Tiffani. 
We are heading back home today. We are taking two days heading back since we are now transporting another truck home. Makes me nervous. But of course most things make me nervous. Like tornado warnings. We had one here this morning. I woke up to an emergency alert on my phone just before 6 AM. And while Matt stood out on the porch to ensure he would be the first to be blown away, Tiffani, Jake, me and Olli the dog stood around in her bedroom, ready to jump in the interior closet as soon as Matt started swirling around the funnel with the all the other debris. 


  Thankfully we just got some heavy rain and strong winds. I’m all for letting us know about tornados. I just wish they would let us know later in the day. After we’re awake. And our hair and makeup are done. So when we get interviewed by the TV reporter about what the tornado sounded like we will look on point. You know what I’m saying? 
Northbound today.  Praying for safe travels.