Sunday we decided to try Honeymoon Island. It’s actually an island and for some reason I think that’s cool.  We noticed the “No Live Shelling” signs posted and soon discovered why. Our friend Tiffani found the coolest starfish. And he was still alive. 

  We went to put him back in the water and some older lady said she would take him and put  him back by the rocks. We watched her and I think we witnessed a bikini wearing grandma kidnap Patrick. We never saw her put him back. 
  I found this stinger from a sting ray. It was so incredibly sharp and the barbs probably do just as much or more damage when it comes out as going in.  

We spent the day at Honeymoon Island and then decided to swing by David’s Bridal on the way home to check out bridesmaid dresses. Our friend Tiffani is getting married in July in a beachside ceremony here and she needed some help picking out her bridesmaid dresses. I don’t make a very good model considering my optimal bridesmaid age passed me a couple decades ago, but for her I would do anything. Including trying on dresses which combines two things I loathe:  1. Trying on clothes. 2. Dresses. Of any kind, shape or color. 

 But I will give her credit. She ended up choosing a very cute dress. Just as a side note do the women who work at dress shops have to flunk a personality test as a condition of their employment?  Just wondering. I don’t think I’m the only one who considers that a very valid question. 

We spent Monday and Tuesday in Tarpon Springs and Howard Park. We checked out the sponge docks and Greek Town. 

  Greek town in Tarpon Springs. It was a gorgeous day to walk around. 
  We ate at a Greek restaurant and tried saganaki for the first time. They slice off a hunk of goat cheese, deep fry it and then right before they set it on your table, they douse it in vodka and set it on fire. You smear it on homemade bread. I tried it. Wasn’t a fan. But Jake and Matt loved it. 
  But Jake is pretty much a fan of anything even remotely edible. Kid is a bottomless pit. He did get to have one of his faves– a gyro. 
  Then he passes out. Sleeps and wakes up to eat some more. 
  We also checked out Hella’s bakery. Cheesecake, cake, cupcakes, pastries… was incredible. I had to leave before I spent my vacation budget on cake. I’m a sucker for cake. Cake and nachos. I’ll help the weird guy in a panel van find his lost puppy for cake and nachos. 

We also enjoyed a sunset dinner on the water  one evening at Rusty Bellies in Tarpon Springs. Had to sample the fresh grouper, mahi mahi and shrimp. 

  Dinner at Rusty Bellies after a day on the beach. 

  Watched these ginormous Pelicans wait around for some leftovers. 
  Finally…a semi smile out of Matt. 

We have ended the evenings watching some movies from Redbox. And I’ve taken some selfies with Olli. 

  Love this one. His eyes scream help me! 

Only a few more days and back home to apparently winter weather.