We left last Wednesday afternoon for Spring Break. The plan was to get south of Louisville and stop for the night. Good news is that actually happened.  We even found a pretty cheap hotel and managed not to get bed bugs. Win win for everyone. 

Back on the road Thursday we had a little scare.  We were in the far left lane, a semi was in the far right and one of the super single tires on the semi blew. Sounded like a bomb went off.  The tire hit us, mostly in the passenger side window which would happen to be right where I sit and offer my helpful and timely driving tips. For a few moments we didn’t know what was going on. We pulled over to check for damage. Luckily there wasn’t any but Jake pulled remnants of the semi tire out of our tire treads.  

  Jake, in one of his favorite shirts, holding a piece of the semi tire. 
So after we cleaned our pants out from that little experience, we were back on the road. Did I mention we were pulling a 18 foot car hauler trailer?  Jake has bought a project truck. With his own money. Or at least that’s what I’ve been told. A 1979 Jeep J-10 and he and Matt plan to do a Cummins swap with it. So we had the J-10 but not the Cummins. Jake has been searching the Tampa area Craigslist & found a potential cummins donor truck. 

  Jake & his J-10

I thought they were kidding about buying a truck on spring break and hauling it back home or at the very least semi-serious about it. But I was wrong. By Saturday morning we were the proud owners of this beauty. 

  Most people bring back t shirts with funny sayings from spring break. Or maybe a hoodie with the beach name and year. Perhaps even a seashell necklace.  But not us.  We bring back additions to a junkyard. 
We have spent two days so far in Tarpon Springs at the Fred Howard Park. $5.00 gets you & everyone in your vehicle in for the day. I would highly recommend. Plenty of beach. Clean. Restrooms. Kayak, paddle board and bike rental.  

  Matt trying out the paddle board. 

  Jake’s turn. 
 I gave the paddle board a try until a lady said she saw a shark in the water. Turned out to a dolphin. But that’s still a rather large critter so I stayed on dry land. No dolphin infested waters for me. 

  Pulling our beach wagon (previously known as our Scheid Diesel Extravaganza Wagon) down to the beach.  
  Beautiful views.

  One of the local beach bums. 
  Old Gray with some new socks and shoes at the beach. 
  The sign at the entrance of the park. Good thing we only had alcoholic ones.

More pictures to come….