Matt and I recently celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary.  Well Matt claims it’s actually our 32nd since we are both doing the time. We rarely do anything to celebrate our anniversary. For example, last year on our anniversary he was at work and called me to ask if I had gotten a package. I was pretty excited until the package finally arrived. It ended up being a super chip for his truck but was addressed to me since he used my Amazon account to pay for it. 

So when we had a chance to spend the weekend in Nashville around the same time as our anniversary I was pretty excited. 

  Matt and I on our wedding day 16 years ago. What a lucky guy. 
Our last trip to Nashville was in March.  The hotel was a disaster.  It was $150+ a night and besides horrible customer service, it was dirty, understaffed and definitely not worth the money. So this time around I was on the search to find the cheapest hotel room possible. I found one for $80 a night. Which is basically free in Nashville standards.  And I figured if I survived that night in the trucker campground in Colorado this summer my immunity is probably built up enough to ward off the bird flu or whatever germs lurk in a $80 hotel room. 

Before we left our hair gal told Matt about a bed bug spray you could get for hotel rooms at Bed Bath and Beyond.  He decided it couldn’t hurt. I called him while he was in Bed Bath and Beyond trying to find it. 

Me:  where are you?

Matt:  Bed, Bath & Beyond 
Me:  where?  What are you doing there?

Matt:  Laura told me about this bed bug spray so I figure it couldn’t hurt. 

Me:  uhhhh okay. 

Matt:  well that’s not the best part. The best part is I got confused and walked into Bath & Body Works and asked where the bed bug spray was. 

  Our $6.99 bottle of peace of mind. It must have had a lot of cinnamon in it because our room (and probably us) smelled like a Yankee candle. The room wasn’t too bad.  I mean I probably wouldn’t lick the carpet or anything but it was pretty clean. And the AC unit causing the door to rattle was easily remedied by pushing a chair up against it which really just gave us added security. 
Friday night we had some time to kill waiting on the next shuttle to take us to downtown Nashville so we walked over to the Scoreboard. A bar and restaurant next to our hotel where I had the BEST fried pickles. And when I tell you that I think it carries a little bit of weight. I’m a nacho and fried pickle conniseur. 

  The best fried pickles. 

  Taking the shuttle downtown. $10 per person, round trip and runs every 30 minutes. 

  Met up with our Interstate 1 trailer guy who was in town for the trailer show. Thanks for a great evening Jason!

  Now time for the best nachos–the volcano nachos at Margaritaville.  

  Hanging out at Wildhorse Saloon. Three stories of food, dancing and fun. Casey Jamerson played both nights. She’s a Indiana girl with some crazy talent. She describes herself as the love child of Johnny Cash and Joan Jett. 
We had a great evening and ended up back at our hotel fairly late and pretty tired.  Just wanted to go to bed. But we found a note taped to our door. Apparently a water main broke in our building so we had to pack up and change rooms. 

  We laughed. Us and our travel adventures.  
We did a little shopping Saturday.  I actually tried on clothes before I bought them which is a crazy concept for me. But we don’t have this store near us so I knew I couldn’t take anything back.  Later that evening we met up with Dan, our friend since high school who now lives near Nashville and our friend Rachel who is a travel nurse in North Carolina. 


  Blessed with some great friends!!
Speaking of friends. This weekend wouldn’t have been possible without our friend Tiffani staying with Jake. Jake wanted to stay at home by himself which obviously wasn’t a possibility so Tiffani stayed with him and took care of my Piper girl. Thank you so much!!  

  Poor guy. I think he misses us. 

  Piper enjoying her time with Tiffani’s neice. 
 Headed home….great weekend.