We left Moab early this morning. Pretty early for Moab time and kinda late for our regular time. We were two hours behind Indiana time in Moab. 
We took highway 128, which is the scenic route back to interstate 70. It follows the Colorado River. All I could think of as we meandered our way back to the interstate was the song “And They Call the Wind Moriah”. 

  Leaving Moab, heading north on 128 towards the interstate.

We made pretty good time, especially over the Rocky Mountains. You go from about 3,000 ft at the base of the mountains to 12,000 ft at the summit near Eisenhower/Johnson Tunnel. Old Gray is running mostly on diesel on the way home, since most of the grease we carried with us is about gone. (We put 1875 miles on her from our driveway until we pulled out of Moab this morning). She did well pulling us and the camper up the Rocky Mountains once again. Not bad for an old girl with 282,000 miles. She started to get a little warm around 10,000 ft but she pulled through. 

  Almost at the summit. We were starting to get up above the tree line which means the elevation is so high and oxygen so low, trees won’t grow here. 

We actually had a pretty good day of traveling which is saying a lot for us. We ran into a storm near the Kansas/Colorado line that produced some wicked wind. Matt was fighting to keep the camper going in a straight line. 

  We didn’t even get caught in the storm, just caught the winds. The light part on the horizon was dust kicked up by the wind. 

  Jake and I braving the winds to eat at a new favorite place-Taco Johns.  It’s like the Arby’s of the Taco Bell world.  
  This car was at least 1/4 mile away from where we parked at Taco John’s and Jake immediately identifies it as a Ferrari. I was just as sure that it wasn’t since it was parked in a Comfort Inn parking lot and I reasoned that people who drive Ferraris generally don’t stay at Comfort Inn’s but it was indeed a Ferrari. That kid is crazy about cars. 
  Our two back seat passengers are ready to get home. They both miss our other dog something terribly. Jake was playing video of our other dog barking today and I thought Piper would never quit looking for her. Of course, that’s not saying much. Piper is probably one of the most lovable dogs you’ll ever find but she lacks a little in the intelligence department. 

  Speaking of Piper, I think the extreme heat is making her shed horribly. She doesn’t have much hair to begin with but the last few days we are swimming in dog hair. Like it’s ridiculous. We hop out of the truck with enough dog hair on us to look like the crazy animal lady in front of you in line at Wal Mart who buys cat food by the case. Yes. That lady. You know who I’m talking about. And if you don’t you may just be that lady. 

We just rolled Piper up in Saran Wrap and got settled in for the night. We are camping somewhere in the middle of Kansas. We are all hoping to be sleeping in our own beds this time tomorrow. 

 Goodnight from Kansas.