Thought I would break out some of my high school Spanish to tell you it was hot today. I’m actually proud of myself for remembering that phrase because really the only words I remember are cuss words or something derogatory about your momma. Funny how you never forget those words but failed every Spanish vocab test. 

Today was the hottest day since we’ve been here. The low humidity helps tremdously but it was still a hot one. 

 Temperature reading from the truck. It was up to 112 at one point. 

Late this morning, we headed into downtown Moab to souvenir shop.  Main Street is lined with shops, cafes and hotels. 

  Downtown Moab 

  We split an amazing quesadilla from a food truck parked downtown. 
  Matt bought me a new bumper sticker. Jake thought it read that I supported public intoxication. 
  There are places to rent Jeeps all over Moab. Which explains why I found so many on eBay and Craigslist from out here when I was searching for my Jeep. 
 And I’m guessing running a car fax on any used Jeeps you find out here may be a wise move. Notice the pile of bumpers stacked up behind the shed too. 

After our excursion to town we came back and got in the pool where we spent the whole afternoon. And despite numerous offers Matt would not let me put any sunscreen on him. As I’m writing this entry this evening he got up to take an ibuprofen because the top of his head is so burnt.  


 The water felt amazing. 

This evening we took a drive out to Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse Point State Park. The ever changing scenery and landscape never creases to amaze me. I think you could spend months out here trying to take it all in.  

  Piper went exploring with us. 

We are starting home in the morning. It’s about a 26-28 hour drive but we are optimistically hoping to make it in 2 days. We’ve had a wonderful week but I think some of us are getting a little homesick.  Yes, that includes me too. 

Eastward bound tomorrow morning. Praying for a safe trip home.