We decided to try another hike today. I had read about a hike to a Mill Creek waterfall several weeks ago & we decided to give it a try. I did think ahead today and send our rough itinerary to someone back home so they would at least know where to find the bodies if something went wrong. I’m only half kidding.  The terrain and climate out here is not very forgiving. Every trailhead is marked with several signs urging caution, especially making sure you have enough water before you attempt any hike. We have learned  that Jake would be the first in our party to be cannibalized if we get stranded or lost since his hourly water consumption is that of six and half elephants. 
We didn’t make it very far on the Mill Creek trail because about 1/4 mile in, the trail becomes steep rock above a pretty shallow creek and our hiking skills just aren’t there yet. Nor will they probably ever be. Hiking the Indian Trails in Highland Park just didn’t prepare us very well. 

  Mill Creek

We ended up leaving Mill Creek and was attempting to follow Google maps to the Negro Bill Canyon trailhead when we made a wrong turn and ended up in the Sand Flats Recreation Area. Sand Flats is 9000 acres of jeep, ORV, biking and hiking trails above Moab. It’s home to the famous Lionsback rock. 

  Lionsback. The big old rock you see jeeps go down or more likely, the big old rock you see jeeps fall off of on shows like World’s Wildest Videos. 

We ended up hiking most of the practice loop on the Slick Rock bike trail. Slick Rock is the famous mountain bike trail here in Moab. And it didn’t look like it was for the faint of heart. I think it was over 10 miles long, start to finish, and you climbed 1600 ft in elevation.  We only did about 2 miles. 

  The white lines marked the biking/hiking trail. 
  Matt exploring off the trail.

  I ended up finding some shade. I don’t know if I didn’t drink enough water or just overheated but I ended up feeling pretty lousy by the end of the hike.  

  Picked up a hitchhiker. I didn’t even scream. Of course, it was on the other side of the windshield. 

After we cooled down and rehydrated at the campsite, we hit the pool for the rest of the day.  I think we are one of the few Americans staying here. Matt doesn’t think our American diet is agreeing with the Europeans  because every time you visit the bath house someone is in there with explosive diarrhea and all of the toilet paper has ran out by sundown. At first I thought he was being a tad dramatic but I have made the same observations and this morning Jake reported someone pooped on the bath house floor and people had walked through it.  Just to be safe we made him leave his shoes outside the camper. 

This evening we went to dinner and have just been hanging out at the campsite nursing our sunburns and recovering from our hikes. Not sure what the plan is for tomorrow. We are staying an extra day and not heading home until Friday morning. Jake wants to rent a side-by-side ATV and explore the trails but Matt is not quite sure he wants to part with the money to rent one. It is pretty pricey. I’m thinking Jake and I could sell black market toilet paper and Pepto Bismol at the camp store to help offset the cost. 

Watching the sun go down in beautiful Moab. Until tomorrow.