This morning we were trying to decide what to do with our day. Jake wanted to rent some mountain bikes and try our luck on the numerous trails around here but it was going to be $150 to rent 3 mountain bikes for the day. A little pricey for this non mountain bike riding family.  We ended up deciding to hike to Corona Arch. It’s an arch located outside of Arches National Park and is well known for arch swinging. (Arch Swinging: rigging a cable at the top of the arch and jumping off, swinging though the arch. I’m including the definition for those of you who let your minds wander whenever you hear the word “swinging”. You know who you are). 

Moab does not get much rain but it has rained both days we’ve been here. Not an all day rain event, just an occasional passing shower. Rain is a big deal here because the rock obviously cannot absorb the moisture so the slightest amount of rain can produce instant waterfalls, rivers and creeks. Today, just as we reached the Corona Arch trailhead, it rained pretty hard for about 15 minutes. We watched as dry rock came alive with beautiful waterfalls.  
 Jake traversing some running water that wasn’t there 10 minutes ago. 

  Made the rocks extremely slick and often there were drop off’s that weren’t so forgiving. 

The hike to Corona Arch is 1.5 miles one way going up 440 feet. Most of it was fairly easy walking but there were some challenging points. 

  Cable to help your climb up the rock. 
  Followed by a ladder climb. 
  Almost there! (Bow tie arch is to the left of Corona Arch) 

  Corona Arch. Probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. 

  Making use of Jake’s selfie stick. 

  Enjoying lunch under the shade of the Arch. 
  Jake’s orthodontist is having a contest this summer. Kids take along “Flat Doc”, take a photo together and email the picture. Jake has been excited to find a good picture for Flat Doc and Matt asked why we had a picture of Jared the Subway guy on a stick. 

This afternoon we took a drive a little south of Moab to Ken Lake. We followed a trail up above Faux Falls. 

  Can you spot Matt?

  Jake & Matt did some rock climbing.  My flip flops didn’t make very good climbing shoes so I stayed behind with Piper. 
Piper lookin’ so fine. 

We ended the evening with a stop at Milt’s Stop and Eat in Moab. It was a walk up place with burgers, malts, fries, that kind of food. 

  I promise Jake knows how to eat in a civilized manner. And that Matt actually has the ability to smile. Work with me here guys. Geesh. 

The food was very good but we were the only Americans there. All the other tables were Europeans, mostly French, German and Swiss. Other than having a much different definition of personal space requirements (like fitting 25 hairy people in a hot tub & being totally comfortable)  and wearing weird clothes (think see through, skin tight, short swim trunks which makes the 25 hairy people in a hot tub situation all the more awkward) they have usually been very nice and courteous. But this evening, as we were eating at Milt’s, a European family at the next table was downright rude. They were obviously making fun of us for some reason (you’re probably thinking, there would be no reason to make fun of us. I know right?). If I wasn’t too lazy to get up and leave my French fries I would have told them that those shiny white things in my mouth were teeth and with some dental care and toothpaste they could have some too.  I know I know. Not nice. 

We are contemplating another hike tomorrow. I think we will wait to see if we can all walk in the morning first. Our hike today was well worth it but physically demanding. Tomorrow may be our last day here. We plan on starting the trek eastward Thursday morning.