We made it to Moab last night right before nightfall. After our deluxe accommodations the night before, Matt decided (as in decided he didn’t want me to dismember him) to call ahead and get reservations in Moab so we had a site waiting on us. 

We have discovered that most campgrounds in high demand tourist destinations are usually very nice but typically a little pricey and very close quarters. Our campground in Moab is no exception but you usually spend little to no time at your campsite so it doesn’t matter too much. Our campground is full of Europeans on “holiday”. We have learned through talking with several of our neighbors that most Europeans get 6-8 weeks of “holiday time”. We explained the only way us Americans get that much “holiday time” is to go on sick leave or send yourself to rehab and then you just end up getting your car repossessed and pissing the people off at Rent-A-Center because you fall behind on your flat screen payments. On the count of three, everyone shout “Merica!”  

We started out at the pool this morning. It was a beautiful day. Sunny, hot, low humidity. Temperatures were in the 90’s all day but with relatively no humidity, it didn’t feel like the 90’s and the laundry I did today dried after like a 20 minute tumble in the dryer. 

 Gorgeous day at the pool 

    This picture cracks me up. I’m a lucky lady. 

After we spent the morning at the pool, we went into downtown Moab to get a properly fitting tire and get something to eat. 
  Enjoying sidewalk seating with water misters to keep cool at Zax Pizza. 

After lunch, Matt says “I’m feeling like a drive.”  Apparently the three days we played Oregon Trail wasn’t enough. We ended up following highway 128 and the Potash highway along the Colorado River. 

  Following the Colorado.

  We eventually decide to take one of the dirt roads off the highway. 

  Even though it was breath taking to be back in the wilderness it was also a little bit scary. You lose all cell phone service and you end up crossing hundreds of little creeks that turn into raging monster rivers at the slightest hint of rain.  The only car we saw all day was a Porsche Cayenne driven by a couple of German guys who apparently either was unaware of the damage being caused to their car or didn’t care. When we saw them they were ramping the dirt hills at 20-30 mph and had smashed the back end. 

  Matt recently got Old Gray repainted and upgraded her grill and headlights so I felt like we were shooting on location for 4 Wheel Digest today. 

 Old Gray on the road to Onion Creek. 

  Piper and Jake exploring the terrain. 

   A stop along the Potash Highway.  

  Happy family portrait before I dropped my phone on a rock, cracking the screen. Tried to put the situation in perspective. I mean it could be worse. We could be stuck in a cess pool of a campground or stranded along the side of the road with a blown tire. I’ve heard those kinds of thing happen to people. 

We ended the day with a dip in the hot tub and pool where I met a teacher from Switzerland. It was fun to compare our educational systems. I think she was the Swiss version of Laura Ingalls Wilder teaching in a one room school house because she taught French, math and cooking. When I explained our students only get 30 minutes for lunch instead of the 90 minutes Swiss students get, she puffed out her cheeks and said “No vonder de kids are vat.”  I don’t speak no Swissennese but I don’t think that was a compliment. 

Heading to bed. Been an adventurous day. Until tomorrow.