So not much to report in terms of scenery. We spent all day yesterday traversing Missouri and Kansas. Lots of open, flat fields with no trees. And lots of not-so-happy cows trying to find shade.  The temperature varied from 97 to 104 yesterday. I don’t know if they haven’t had any rain or if it’s just the heat but everything looks scorched and dry. It’s not hard to imagine this being ground zero of the Dust Bowl. 

As I’ve previously stated this trip was not my idea and I tried explaining, very nicely I might add, to Matt that I didn’t think heading West in prime tourist season without reservations was a good idea. But short of me just making the reservations, which I didn’t want to do because I was trying to discourage this trip, I knew it probably wouldn’t happen. And it didn’t. 

So last night, about 7:00 we started calling ahead for a campsite. The one we wanted near Denver was booked. So was the one on this side of Denver. So was the one on that side of Denver. And all the ones in between. 

I was not a happy camper.  

Matt was trying to play it off but I think he was secretly scared of me. I had skipped all stages of fury and went straight to the catatonic, don’t-say-a-word-just-stare-into-space mad. But I didn’t get to that stage until after he suggested staying at the local truck stop, sleeping in the truck and paying to use the trucker showers in the morning. 

We ended up at some dumpy little campground near the Colorado/Kansas state line, eating a bag of tacos and contemplating why we are still married. 

 The campground had full time residents and appeared to be mostly single guys driving work trucks. 

  Piper and I checking out the Camparo, a rare Camaro/Camper hybrid. 

  Jake and I guessed the pool was closed. 

  The bathrooms were the worst. I can’t imagine a trucker shower being much worse. 

  Colorado sunset. No filter. Absolutely beautiful. Gave me hope that even though I probably contracted bacterial meningitis from that bathroom, tomorrow would be better. 
 Piper and Jake enjoying a beautiful evening. 

We plan to make it to Moab, Utah today. We are about 200 miles from Denver and should see some absolutely beautiful scenery today. I’m actually looking forward to it but perhaps I’m just starting to sympathize with my captor. 
  Moab bound….