We were about 60 miles from Denver, making good time, daydreaming about the pool and hot tub awaiting for us in gorgeous Moab when Matt calmly says “I think we just lost a camper tire and I forgot the spare”

I look back to see rubber shrapnel all over the road and we slowly limp to the shoulder.  This isn’t our first blow out. We had a pretty violent one in Nashville last year on spring break. This time around Jake was a pro. He knew to grab Piper, leave the truck and head up the embankment to safety. I knew to go ahead and proceed with those divorce papers. 

So Piper, Jake and I end up in knee tall prairie grass going to battle with hungry black flies on the side of interstate 70 while Matt calls roadside assistance. My sympathy for the hot cows I saw yesterday definitely went up  a notch. 

  On the side of Interstate 70, about 60 miles east of Denver.

Roadside assistance said they would try to locate someone who had the particular tire we needed and call us back. So we waited. And waited. And waited. 

Finally Matt deicded to take the tire off and ratchet strap the axle up so we could limp to the next exit. Seemed a little MacGuyverish to me but definitely worth a shot. 

 While Piper and I prayed for safety, Jake and Matt jacked up the camper and took the tire off, literally inches away from 70 mph interstate traffic. 

Literally out of nowhere, a Arapahoe County Sheriff Deputy pulled up behind us and offered assistance. Deputy DJ Adams kept his police vehicle behind the camper, lights on to warn motorists of a stranded vehicle until Matt and Jake finished securing the axle.  He then stayed behind us as we limped 3 miles on the shoulder to the next exit & pulled ahead at the exit to lead us to empty lot where we could drop the camper so we could go look for a tire. 

 Thank you so very much Deputy Adams. You truly were a godsend. I might be getting a hold of you after this divorce goes through. Ha!

We find a tire at a local Tractor Supply. Not an exact match but a “similar” tire. I question Matt as to what that means and get same tire height, blah blah blah, same bolt pattern blah blah blah….long story short, it got us back on the road. 

We made it through the Rocky Mountains today. A little challenging but absolutely breathtaking. 

  Stuck in traffic in Glenwood Canyon, Colorado. That’s the Colorado River on the left and Amtrak passenger train tracks on the other side of the river. 

  Jake an Piper up close and personal with the mighty Colorado. 

   On the banks of the Colorado. 
  Near the Utah/Colorado border. I honestly wish the pictures did the scenery more justice. 
We are currently chasing the sun west, 60 or so miles from Moab. I’m hopeful we will be sleeping there tonight.