I keep this blog to document our trips and I try to update each day. This time around I failed miserably but with good reason. We honestly had so much fun I didn’t want to take time out of what we were doing to write. We had gorgeous weather, great company & no vehicular mishaps (except for a tire…more on that later)


Cemetery at the fireworks/convenience store along 65 on the way down. You can grab your smokes, some bottle rockets and still pay respects to Grandma. It’s a win-win. 


 Last year we blew a tire going down the interstate. Very scary. We discovered that the tire, which wasn’t very old, was defective & Discount Tire made it right.  So on the way down when we observed another one of the tires doing the exact same thing, we limped the truck to the nearest Discount Tire store in Macon, Georgia to replace the tire before we had another blow out.  


 We actually had a good time hanging out, waiting on the tire replacement.  It was a gorgeous day. We walked to lunch. Did some shopping. Played with Piper. We are pros at passing the time during vehicular catastrophes.  


 We were back on the road in a few hours. With a nice, safe, new tire. 


 Let me tell you about this girl. I’ve known Tiffani now for about 10 years. She is the definition of tenacity, courage and overcoming adversity. And she’s a beautiful person inside and out.  After high school, she attended school to be a motorcycle mechanic & just recently moved to Jacksonville to follow her passion of “wrenching” on bikes (as she affectionately calls it). Thankfully we got to visit with her quite a bit this week. 


Tiffani and Olli.  I’ve officially designated Olli as Piper’s boyfriend.  


 Tiffani showing off her gorgeous apartment complex where she has the cutest apartment. I’m so proud of her!!


 Jake loves Tiffani. She’s cute, likes motorcycles and has a mustang. That pretty much meets all of his requirements. 


 Pretty much breaking every driving law in existence in this pic. But dang we look cute. 


 Enjoying the restaurant at our campground. Good food, good atmosphere & you could feed turtles. Who wouldn’t like that?  



 There were so many turtles. They would come up & beg for food like little puppies. 


 Matt & Jake enjoying breakfast. Our camper is straight across the water. 


 On Thursday, Tiffani brought her brothers and sister over to spend the day. They were visiting on spring break too. Jake, Elijah, Gabby and Austyn has never met each other prior to this trip but they acted like they had known each other for years.  They had a lot of fun together. 


 Austyn, Jake & Piper on the paddle boat.  


 Taking turns on the boat. 


 What a lucky guy. Ha! 


 Tiffani and Gabby. 


 They were supposed to all fall in at once. 


 And lots and lots of sun. I think everyone, except Tiffani and Matt, who are blessed with non albino skin tones, got a little sunburnt. 

  Jake always fights me about putting on sunscreen. Since he’s gotten older  I’ve noticed his age affects my intelligence.  As he gets older, I lose IQ points. Our last day he refused any sunscreen & got the first sunburn of his life. He obviously has his dad’s pain tolerance.  You would have thought he was dying.  He wanted medicine. He wanted ice. He wanted help putting a shirt on. It was quite the performance.  I haven’t seen a dramatic interpretation of pain like that since Matt had a splinter back in the summer of 07′


We spent one day exploring. We took the St Johns River ferry over to A1A, the highway along the coast. It has to be the same A1A from the timeless classic Ice Ice Baby. “We continued to A1A beachfront avenue!  Girls were hot wearing less than bikinis, rockman lovers driving lamborghinis…”


 All I could think the whole time we were on the ferry was to sing “We’re on a boat!”  


I thought Daytona was the only beach left around that you could drive on but we found Huguenot Memorial Park. You could drive right to the water.  


 Jake and Matt played in the surf.  


 I love this picture. ❤


 We had a great time. I think it was the fastest week ever.  So grateful we got to spend this week together, with some great people in a beautiful place.