We have been going camping over spring break for about 9 years now. We started our camping in Gatlinburg, Tennessee but after we spent a week couped up in the camper during a freak April snowstorm we decided we weren’t letting that happen again.  We would head farther south.  We lucked into a beautiful campground on the Santa Rosa Sound in Navarre Florida.  Emerald Beach RV Park. All the beauty of nearby Destin without the crowds or prices. We spent 5 years at a Emerald Beach, including last year.  

Jake is now 11 and wants to be more social. The retirees at Emerald Beach were fun for him for a while (He enjoyed their attention) but he craved running around with kids his own age so we thought we could try something new. After some searching we decided on Flamingo Lake RV Park in Jacksonville, FL. 


View from our site. We were located waterfront on the 17 acre spring fed lake. 

They have something for everyone here it seems.  Bouncing pillow, pool, 2 beaches, weight room, restaurant, general store. We’ve ate the waterfront restaurant a couple time and it was very good. I recommend th blackened fish. 


Jake and our friend Tiffani at the restaurant. 

 We left Friday morning to head here. Was supposed to be a 14 hour trip that turn into almost 20 because of heavy traffic. 




This was pretty much our view the whole way here. Thank goodness Matt was driving. Of course I helped navigate with my helpful driving tips.






 Piper has been doing extremely well. She loves the sunshine. So much so that I think she got her little bare belly sunburnt the other day.  She sits quietly outside and watches people and dogs go by. Doesn’t bark. Doesn’t whine. Just seems to be content to lay around in the sunshine. I think Matt was secretly hoping she would be a big pain so we would never take her again. 

From the land of glorious sunshine….until tomorrow.