We lost our beloved Lucy last spring. She was our 14 year old blue heeler who thought she was more human than dog. And she was pretty much right. Smartest dog I have ever had. 

A couple years before we lost Lucy we decided to get jake a pup. Lucy wasn’t up to the romping Jake was wanting to do with a dog. So that’s when we got Daisy. Another blue heeler but not of the same IQ level as Lucy. She is Jake’s dog through and through. They are inseparable. 

I kept telling Matt I missed having a dog that was mine. Lucy left a such huge hole in our lives. He asked me several times what kind of dog I wanted. Again and again, I replied with a boxer. I always wanted one. A few days before Christmas, he surprised me with a puppy. 


Obviously the weirdest looking boxer I’ve ever seen.  Meet Piper Jane, a rat terrier. About the opposite end of the spectrum from a boxer. 

Matt claims he did lots of research and decided a rat terrier would be a good fit for the kind of dog I wanted.  I was a tad bit <insert pinching gesture with thumb and index finger here> skeptical.  

Piper is honestly the most lovable, cuddliest animal I’ve ever owned. Including the 3 hours I was a bonafide hamster owner when I was 12. I still think mom should have let me keep it. 

Buuuuuuut Piper is also probably one of the least intelligent animals I’ve owned. I think only Duncan the duck, who died from dehydration, tops Piper in this area. Matt claims piper’s brain is only the size of a walnut and 50% of that tells her to breathe so what do I expect. I want to tell him I expect a boxer but she was a Christmas present after all. 

So here we are. On our way to Florida for the week with Piper the honor student. We usually don’t take dogs camping but I decided that the $200 I would have had to spend on boarding her could be better used on adult beverages. 


Stay tuned…