When I was a kid I always wanted to go to space camp. Somehow I got my hands on a space camp brochure (this was before the Internet ya know) and fell in love with the idea of becoming an astronaut and attending space camp. 

I think I was overlooking the fact that I’m severely claustrophobic, get homesick easily, hate science and just flat out cannot pull off a jumpsuit with this body. But it was my dream. I wanted to go to space camp. Unfortunately it never happened but when Jake’s school offered him an opportunity to go, I knew I had to make it happen for him and we have been anxiously awaiting this weekend for months. 

Jake & his friends left before dawn Friday morning via chartered bus for 3 days of space camp in Huntsville, Alabama. 

  Jake & his buddy Hayden right before boarding. 

This is the first time Jake has ever been away from us for this long and this far away. So I did what any normal, well adjusted parent would do. I followed him. 

Well not the whole way. Just most of the way. Matt and I decided to spend the weekend in Nashville. Mostly because we wanted to. And partly because it’s only 2 short hours from space camp. What a coincidence right? 

We left for Nashville as soon as Jake’s bus got on the road. We ended up in Nashville around noon but our wonderful hotel <insert sarcasm font here> wouldn’t let us check in until 3:00pm.  So we went shopping. If you know us very well you would know we were pretty desperate to waste some time if we went shopping.  Between my colorblindness and Matt’s fashion sense, we are not good shoppers.  

We eventually got checked in & took the shuttle to downtown Nashville. I’ve been to Nashville four times & I think some of my favorite parts of the trips have been the ride to and from downtown. It’s always a good time. Especially the last shuttle of the night. 

  Heading out for the evening. 

  Hanging out at Margaritaville looking for our lost shaker of salt. (Ba da bom. I’ll be here all week.)

Downtown Nashville has live music pretty much 24/7. And the talent is absolutely amazing. We were drawn to Margaritaville because of these two ridiculously talented ladies. 


 Tawnya Reynolds and Sarah Montgomery. They played an amazing rendition of Deana Carter’s Strawberry Wine for me. 

And I’m not going to lie. I also wanted some nachos from Margaritaville. I love nachos and it doesn’t get any better than their giant Volcano Nachos. 


I’m just sad that nachos don’t make good left overs. 

Saturday we visited one of our oldest friends. Old as in we’ve known him for a long time not as in he’s old. He’s our age so that would make us old as well and we just aren’t going there yet. 


We enjoyed dinner and so many laughs. Mostly at Dan’s expense but when he shares that his single lady neighbor with the 12 cats named after famous dead people  told him he has sexy legs, what else can you do with that kind of information. Seriously….I love Dan and my stomach still hurts from laughing. 

We are northbound today. Heading home, back to reality. I would include more pictures and info about Jake’s trip if I had any. We literally haven’t talked to the kid since Friday night. I’m thinking he’s just having too much fun to chat with mom and dad. Which is exactly what I was hoping for.