Trying to get two kids up in the morning, one a teenager, one knocking on the door of being one, is no small feat. By the time you finally manage to wake them you realize you’ve lost an hour. Then they wake up angry and hungry. And about the time you get them bathed, dressed and fed, it’s about time to feed them again. It’s a lot like having a newborn but we don’t have to change dirty diapers & we get way more sleep.
Our destination today was Ocquenoc Falls. For years locals dammed up the Ocquenoc River to make a swimming hole & now it’s a state park. The Ocquenoc River is a shallow, very clear, swift moving river with smooth rocks and a sandy bottom. It’s very beautiful and meets my requirement of being able to see the bottom so the risk of random crocodile attacks is greatly reduced.

Jake & Emma sitting in the river.

Floating downriver.

Emma jumping into the falls.

After we left the falls, we decided to finish the day with heading to the beach here at Black Lake. We had the beach completely to ourselves.

Me, Jake and Miss E

We finished the night with a swim in the indoor pool. It was just a beautiful, relaxing day.