We love to say Cheyboygab. It’s fun.

We had a lazy morning today. Since Jake and Emma had a late night, they didn’t get up until late morning. And even then I don’t think it was voluntary. Emma was sleeping on the couch in the kitchen and us trying to get cereal, coffee, etc over her head eventually woke her up.

The breakfast of champions.

We decided today would be a beach day. So we packed a lunch & headed to Black Lake which is only about 1/8 mile from our campsite. We could have easily walked but had a cooler, two inflatable boats, a raft and a whiny kid (I’m referring to Matt).

Beach bound.

The gorgeous beach.

The restrooms at the beach have a shower as soon as you open the door. No curtain, no stall, no partition. I believe it’s for washing sand off and such. Not taking a full blown shower.

The shower.

Apparently some people believed it was a good place to strip down buck naked and wash the entire family. I went to the restroom, pulled open the door and exposed mom, grandma, kids, etc all crammed into the shower, completely nude. I didn’t know what to say. Fortunately I didn’t have to say anything since Grandma told me to “hurry and close the door”.

Jake and Emma spent the day snorkeling and exploring in their inflatable boats. They seemed to have a blast based on their laughter. Matt and I were landlubbers. The water was too cold for us.

Me smiling…Matt not so much. Story of my life. Sigh.

We think this might have been lavender. It was growing all over the shoreline and smelled wonderful. Let’s hope it was lavender and not poison sumac or something. I didn’t do so well in Botany.
We ended the evening with pizza at the 211. A restaurant/bar at the entrance of Onaway State Park. I don’t think we have had anything there that wasn’t completely delicious.
Great day here in cheeeeeybooooygan county.