Matt let me pick where I wanted to go this year for vacation and it was of course, Michigan. I love Michigan. Just in the summertime though. Like maybe just the month of July. And only when it’s warm.
We invited our niece, Emma, to go with us this time. Jake adores her. He once told me he would give up ice cream if he had to choose between ice cream and Emma.
We have a friend house sitting for us, which makes me extremely paranoid about the cleanliness of my house. I scrubbed, swept and mopped my house top to bottom. By Saturday morning when we left, I needed a vacation. And apparently I wasn’t the only one.

Jake & Emma on the way up.

We are staying at the UAW Walter and Mae Reuther Center at Black Lake again this year. I absolutely love this place. After checking into the campground and getting set up we headed to the lake to check out the beach.

Some friends we saw on the way to the beach. Let us get pretty close before they ran off.

On the shores of Black Lake. It was early evening & starting to cool off for the night. The water was pretty cold.

Evening swim in the giant indoor pool.

At the end of the pool is a solid glass wall with a hallway to lodge rooms on one side. Last night as we are swimming there are probably 10 people up against the glass just watching people swim. We joked it was like being chimpanzees at the zoo and tried to get Emma to throw poop at them since that always seems to be a popular event whenever I’ve gone to the zoo. Instead we climbed on each other’s shoulders and picked off imaginary bugs. Funny…no one even tried to take pictures of us.

Emma & I enjoyed the sauna before we headed back to the campsite. It felt wonderful while we were in there but about froze when we got out.

After our late night swim we headed back to the camper & Matt and I called it a night. Emma and Jake partied like rock stars into the wee hours of the morning.
Until tomorrow..