Yesterday was the best weather day we’ve had. Sunny, 70’s, it was gorgeous.
Matt decided the camper needed the first coat of wax for the season and started waxing by late morning. Unfortunately the camper’s coat has never fully recovered from the Great Grease Mishap of 2012. So the camper kind of laughed at the first coat of wax. We (because I got roped into waxing too) ended up putting on two coats. I’m surprised Jake doesn’t have to help us go to the bathroom today. Thought for sure our arms would fall off.

Wax on, wax off.

Jake has been wanting a toy boat since we got here. Matt finally found him some and we were puzzled when he immediately didn’t pick them up and go play. Finally Jake says “Do you think people will think I’m too old to play with toy boats?” We told him to go play and that he has the rest of his life to be a grown up.

Jake’s boats.

Playing in the sound.

I played boats with him for a while and we had the following conversation:
Me: I can’t believe you’re 10 years old.
Jake: why can’t you believe it?
Me: because it seems like just yesterday you were a baby
Jake: it doesn’t seem like yesterday to me. It seems like a lifetime ago.

Guess that’s probably how all parents and children feel. Parents feel like they close their eyes and blink & years have passed while children think it’s taken a lifetime.

Toward late afternoon Jake asked if he could go hang out with his new friends, some kids on a campsite a few sites down from ours. He failed to mention one of these new friends were of the bikini wearing variety.

Jake and his “new friend”

Jake and one of his mom approved, less-trouble-for-everybody-involved friends.

Jake lost a buddy last year to a brain tumor. Connor fought the good fight for months but in the end, was healed in heaven instead of here on Earth. To raise awareness for pediatric brain tumors, conner’s uncle started CW’s Team. Along with several fundraising events through the year, CW’s Team members are supposed to wear special t-shirts each Thursday. I don’t believe Jake has ever skipped a Thursday. Yesterday was no exception.

Jake repping CW’s Team.

While Matt and I started packing stuff up last night, Jake and his friends played corn hole and rode bikes. He was hard to wake up this morning.

Being a ladies man isn’t easy.

We are currently on the road, heading home. Not sure if we are gonna stop along the way and spend the night (I vote Nashville!) or push on through to home. Been a good week. Not ready to see it end.

Love Navarre. ❤


Jake’s tradition of riding the camper to the gate continues.

Indiana bound….