We were making killer time today. By noon we were only 8 hours from home. We decided not to stop overnight and drive straight through. Besides our short lunch break to feed the kid with the apparent tapeworm, we stopped briefly to change a fuel filter (standard procedure when you’re running on grease).

The tapeworm kid with the snacks he grabbed from the camper AFTER lunch.

We had just merged back on to the interstate just south of Nashville, TN and gotten up to speed when we all noticed a funny vibration. I looked in my side mirror just in time to see the passenger side rear tire blow. And I mean blow. Smoke, rubber shrapnel and all. Thank goodness Matt kept control of the truck and was able to make it across 3 lanes to the shoulder.
Jake was pretty upset. Scared more than anything. I quickly got him out of the car and up an embankment so he would be safer than waiting in a stalled vehicle on the side of the road. He didn’t want me to leave him so I could go back to help Matt so I called Grandma Mary on my cell phone to talk to him while he waited.

Jake talking to Grandma Mary.

Ruined the wheel and destroyed the mud flaps. Thankfully no one was hurt.

Matt started to try to change the tire. Ford conveniently located the jack and tire iron on top of the radiator so just in case you weren’t upset enough about needing to use the tire iron and jack, you could become more upset trying to get them without suffering 3rd degree burns.
Between having the camper hooked up and not being on level ground, Matt was having a hard time. Add the traffic blowing by inches away from where he was laying under the truck and it was a little tense.

Not good.

I finally convinced Mr Goodyear with a death wish to let me call Good Sam Roadside Assistance. Besides it had been a couple of days since they heard from us and they were probably starting to worry something was wrong.
So I call good sam’s and Tony, the nice roadside assistance guy, advises me to tell my husband to wait safely away from the truck and he will dispatch someone to our location. I just laughed and offer to let Tony talk to Matt, the crazed mechanic. He politely declines. At the very least the passing traffic I’m sure enjoyed our domestic martial bliss put on display for everyone.
I finally have good sam’s in route and Matt announces he thinks he has the spare on. We all climb back in the truck and continuing heading north.

A few miles down the road, once we start clearing Nashville traffic and can get back up to speed, the truck starts vibrating. We take the next exit and pull into a station. While Matt and I are looking at the truck, Jake asks if he can go inside and buy a candy bar. We give him money and send him in. He comes back out and says “Mom, that place is weird. They have these great big glass vases with tubes”. Yes, we sent our kid into a head shop to buy himself to buy a Kit Kat.

It looked like a normal gas station from the outside.

So….we are continuing to head north. Vibration has stopped and we can’t find anything wrong so we are back on the road. Wish us safe travels.

This is a good sign right?