We left Jackson about 5 pm Saturday evening, headed for our campground in Florida. It should have only taken us 4 hours but we added a couple to it when matt shut off the GPS on his phone to save data. We ended up on some 2 lane roads in rural Alabama in the ever present pouring rain. The more lost we got, the faster Matt drove.
We finally found our way to the campground, pulled in, looking forward to unhooking and going to bed. We made our reservations before we left last year so we were pumped to have the best spot in the campground. Corner site, beach front. We rounded the corner to our site and there was a giant motor home parked on our site. We all just kind of looked at each other like “you’re kidding right?”


Hard to see but this is the motor home on our site.
Matt decided he would just knock on their door, wake them up and ask them to move. Otherwise we had no site for the night. The guy who answered refused to move saying it was his site even though we had paperwork to prove otherwise. So I walk to the office (have I mentioned it’s pouring down rain?) to see if there is an after hours number posted at the office. There was and we called Roy and Lillian, the slumbering, non phone answering managers at least 3-4 times. We had no idea what to do. Thank goodness Mr Motor home took a closer look at his paperwork and admitted he was on the wrong site. Matt helped him pack up and move so we could finally set up on our site.


Drenched, slightly delusional campers waiting on their site.

So now here we are. On our corner, beach front, premium site and it hasn’t stopped raining since we’ve been here.


Awesome view. Just no sunshine.

We spent the day in the camper yesterday where jake has single handedly devoured any piece of edible food we have while asking “what are we going to do today” every 7 or so minutes give or take.
During a brief break in the rain Jake made friends with a kid here in the campground. Bless his heart, to say this new friend was a little odd would be an understatement. Besides him starting to knock on our camper door this morning at 7:30 his endless questions are exhausting. It goes a little like this:
Matt goes outside (I think the kid lies in wait under the camper or something)  poof! The kid magically appears.
Kid:  what are you doing?  Are you going to the bathroom?  If you have to go to the bathroom I know the door code. Do you want me to tell you the door code?  I can. I know it. My mom told me. You just go to the door and type the code. Do you want me to show you?
Matt:  never says a word just cracks the top on a beer.

Waiting on the sun. Is there such a thing as a sunshine dance?