Our plan was 2 weeks in northern Michigan. We left a little late due to my new job and now we are leaving early so we can get Jake back home to go with Grandma & Grandpa on the World’s Largest Garage Sale circuit. (No, that’s not a joke). Apparently once a year along highway 127 from Michigan to Alabama, people haul all of their unwanted crap to the roadside so people who have plenty of their own unwanted crap can buy some more. Not my idea of fun but for Jake, it’s 4 days of ice cream & buying all kinds of stuff because he knows and we know, grandma & grandpa do not know the word no.

Jake after a shopping excursion with grandma & grandpa where he came home with 2 cans of wasp spray, a jumbo roll of duct tape and a pocket knife. Hard the believe these are the same people who raised me. They had no problem saying no when I was a kid.

Yesterday we had a visitor at our campsite. One of our friends was in the area visiting so she came over to see us.

Me with my most favoritist school nurse.

Due to yet another unforeseen truck issue (bad U joint) & a nail in our camper tire our last full day here didn’t go exactly as we planned.

Jake helping dad with the camper tire.

That would be Matt, the truck’s drive shaft & Jake. And even though you can’t see them in the photo very well, a couple thousand hungry mutant mosquitos. Thankfully Matt finished a little before night fall.

While Matt & Jake worked on the truck, we went exploring. The main lodge here at Black Lake is located literally over the Black River.

Black River with the lodge bridge in the background

Lodge bridge

Old life guard chair on the shore of Black Lake in front of Maxon Lodge.

One of the common places along the enclosed walkways from building to building. Not a fan of snow but this would be gorgeous in the winter.

One of the all black squirrels that run around. We had two that played by our camper every morning.

Any AC/DC fans out there? We thought this highway near the campground was funny, especially since right next to the road sign there was a cemetery.

This morning we loaded up and headed south. Heading south any other time of the year would be the right direction but today it’s not the way we want to go. Sad our vacation is drawing to a close.

Jake laying on my lap last night. My lap just doesn’t fit like it used to. I always wonder if this is last time…
Excited for his trip with his grandparents but nervous as well too. I’ve never been away from him for that long.