The Walter & Mae Reuther UAW Family Education Center began in the late 1960’s when Walter Reuther, on behalf of the UAW bought a stone and log cabin lodge on the banks of Black Lake from Lou Maxon, a well known Detroit advertising executive. According to Black Lake’s official web site, more than 15,000 ton of stone was used to construct the lodge. Out of all the places here at Black Lake, I think I love the Maxon Lodge the best.
Last night we had a chance to snoop around the lodge when these three guys invited us in. They were retired UAW officials from southern Tennessee and northern Alabama, where the schools taught “three things: reading, writing and 75 north because there aren’t no jobs there”.
Kidding aside, these guys were very gracious. Offered us drinks, invited us to sit down, offered to take pictures. They were sweethearts.

The view from one of the windows in the game playing room above the lobby

The game playing room. Pictures don’t do it justice. It was so neat and cozy.

Looking down from the game playing room into the lobby.

The steps leading down from the game room.

Looking up to the game room from the lobby.

I would have probably taken more pictures but as we stayed visiting, Matt said “oh look, there’s a bird flying around in the lobby” & when those guys said “oh that’s not a bird, that’s a bat” I was ready to leave. And when the bat kept doing what the guys called “fly by’s” I was only having minimum success containing my involuntary shrieks. Our new southern friends thought it was hilarious. One says “You only have to worry if you have type O blood”.
Hardy Har Har. I just thought that was hilarious. Especially since I know I have type O blood.

Earlier in the day, we decided to hit some more trails. The weather has turned unseasonably cold, even for north Michigan, so my hopes of sunning on the beach are gone for now. Instead I put on jeans & a hooded sweatshirt (that should be illegal in late July, no matter where you are) to go ride.

Jake’s favorite part—the giant sand pit. I will admit it’s a lot of fun. However the longer we stay each time, the braver Jake gets.


Jake loves the trails.

I have been having to ride shotgun with Matt. I would rather drive but it hasn’t been too bad. I’ve about got him trained. Slaps on the middle back mean slow down. Taps on the sides of the head mean go that way. And punches, no matter where they land, are not good so you better hit the brakes.

Yesterday before we went riding I got stung by a rather angry little bee, totally unprovoked. He landed on my leg and stung before I had time to do anything.

My leg swelled up the size of a softball before it was over.

Later when we went riding, we pulled up to read the trail map on a sign and Matt got stung. (We are now thinking yellow jackets instead of bees). Matt used to be severely allergic to stings, like carry an Epi Pen allergic & since he was stung on his chin, we kept watching for signs of reaction.

The sting.
Luckily Matt’s didn’t swell as bad as mine & we thought he was doing well until late last night. Right after dinner the joints in his arms and hands started to swell and hurt….a lot. Crazy to think of one little sting causing so much trouble.

Until tomorrow…..