I haven’t posted in a couple days because I’m this close (I talk a lot with my hands so imagine I’m making a pinching gesture with my thumb and index finger) to going over my data plan on my phone. Billing cycle starts over tomorrow, then it’s game on!
Black Lake is just as beautiful as we remembered it. If you have never experienced northern Michigan, you must. It’s beyond words.

Jake took this picture with his new phone. He has an eye for photography perspectives I believe. Love this picture. It’s the dock on Black Lake at our campground.

We decided to do some riding yesterday. There are several trails in Cheboygan (We love saying Cheboygan. I like to say it like Barbara from Teen Mom) and Presque Isle counties.
Matt bought a rack made to insert in truck beds that carries two full size ATV’s. It must be every guy’s dream to haul crap because I can’t tell you how many guys stop and admire Matt’s rack. I told him I was gonna get him a “Check out my rack” shirt. I think it’s crazy scary to load and unload the rack but I’m also the one who lies awake at night worrying about flesh eating bacteria so go figure.

Getting ready to unload. Check out Matt’s rack.

The trail maps around here are a little rough. We met the owners of the 211 Bar & Grill during lunch and they were gracious enough to provide us with a hand drawn map that ended up being better than anything else we had. (And he gave us his cell number in case we got lost or needed help…what great people!)

The map, the map, the map, the map, the map (you’re supposed to say this like Dora the Explorer)

Us at the trailhead.

Me climbing some dunes

I got a little stuck. Thank goodness for 4 wheel drive.

Jake riding some dunes

Matt’s turn

We made it across a small stream. Jake was in heaven.

We only brought two four wheelers so I had to ride as a passenger with Matt yesterday, with Jake following us. At one point after climbing a steep hill and making a sharp curve over a river bank, I looked behind us & Jake was no longer there. The exchange between Matt and I went something like this:
Me: oh my god! Where is he? Where is he? Jake’s gone!!! (Matt said I was screaming, I think I was just talking loud so he could hear me through our helmets). Turn around! Now! Oh my god!
Okay, so it really wasn’t an exchange. It was more of me losing my marbles. Thankfully Jake was just a little slow going up the hill and by the time Matt was contemplating slapping me across the face, he showed up.
We went swimming again last night in the indoor pool.

Two goofballs

We have been swimming, riding ATV’s, walking, bicycling since we’ve been here. Last night Matt said “I think we have herpes”. I started to pack his bags then he adds “because we are doing all the activities those people with herpes do in those herpes medicine commercials”. Whew! I guess he gets to stay.
Having a blast! Will post more soon.