Yesterday was unseasonably cold. Even for Michigan. It was only in the low 60’s, with 25 mph wind. We wanted some relief from the heat & humidity back home but this was a bit much. So we rode the four wheelers instead of hitting the beach. Today the weather was much better. It was still a little on the cooler side but the sun was out and it was a gorgeous day.
We headed into Onaway to eat at one of our two favorite places: Woodwinds Cafe. Then we came back & went to the beach here on Black Lake.
The Walter & Mae Reuther UAW Center here at Black Lake is where we are camping. It’s a place rich in history. For example, the original log cabin lodge on the shore of Black Lake was where Lucille Ball and Dezi Arnez spent their honeymoon.

The Maxon Lodge.

Snacks…check. Rafts…check check. One very excited kid….check check check. Heading to the beach.

Jake ready to explore.

Stopping for a quick refreshment. The water is beautifully clear.

Jake atop the old lifeguard station. The lodge, the lifeguard station, the beach…it could have been a movie setting.

Just spent the day with my two favorite guys. Didn’t do much of anything and it was wonderful.

We finished our evening the way we have every night since we have been here. We hit the giant indoor pool. All three of us have been playing water basketball, swimming & goofing around (see why Matt thought we have herpes?).

The pool.

A big part of the fun going to the pool is riding on the tailgate of the truck to and from. Jake loves it when I ride back there with him.

Me and my baby.

Trying to act scared because 1) Matt is driving and 2) we spotted Sasquatch. (And I don’t mean Sasquatch as in my state representative P. Eric Turner whose sightings are just as rare, especially on public education issues but I will save that for another time & place)

And you thought I was kidding!

Jake is thrilled I have let his hair grow longer because in his words “girls dig guys with long hair”. I don’t have the heart to tell him yet that we just didn’t have time to squeeze a haircut in before we left.

So not a lot to report about today but it was a wonderful day. Just hanging out with some of my favorite people. Can’t wait to do the same tomorrow.