Our official summer vacation got off to a postponed start. I am switching jobs this fall & had to postpone our departure by a few days to take care of some things. We left this morning to wander Michigan for 2 weeks.
We didn’t go too far for our first stop. Coldwater is about 3 hours from our house. Been through there plenty of times, just have never stopped. I found a private campground online, Waffle Farms Campground & we headed north. I think I have mentioned how staying at unfamiliar campgrounds make me nervous so when we made our exit and this is what welcomed us, it didn’t calm my nerves.

The Lions Den Adult Superstore. I will say I was expecting more of a superstore, like a meijer superstore with its own gas station, but this was a sad looking little building that I think used to house the local Pizza Hut.
The campground was a very clean, nice private campground on the shores of Morrison Lake, with access to 6 other lakes in the chain.

Our site was spacious and shady. And even though we were 3 rows back from the lake, we could still see peeks of it from our site.

Jake and I rented some pedal cars and cruised the campground. They had half hour rates which seemed kind of silly until you tried to pedal your big butt around the gravel roads of the campground. Then you thought they could even rent them by the minute.

This ad was on our campground map. I found it a little disturbing. I don’t know if it was the picture (maybe it’s me but I don’t need a photo of who’s going to be rubbing me if they are a professional) or the “available nights & weekends” part. Seems more appropriate for the personals on Craigslist.

Overnight we had a tremendous rain storm. It would be what my dad calls a “toad strangler”. As Matt & Jake snoozed away I stayed awake worrying about the massive trees falling on our camper. I’m a born worrier but combine being away from home and sleep depravity, I can easily conjure up images of amputations, kidnappings and complete destruction. It’s an endearing trait I have.

The radar at 1:50am

But we all survived. With all of our extremities intact and decided to head on to Onaway today. But not before we took showers. I have to say the shower house was a little bit concerning. The showers were adjacent to the sinks & had a 3 ft high shower door. I looked for cameras to see if we were on live feed to wildwomenofcamping.com but didn’t see any. In order to prevent scarring the little girl brushing her teeth at the sink (and to keep me off the sex offender list) I had to squat my way through my shower. If we stayed here all week my thighs would look incredible.


Well we are off to Onaway. Talk soon.