We didn’t do anything special yesterday. I got Jake and Matt to drive to downtown Petoskey “just to look” but ended up getting them to park the truck and walk the shopping district. Beautiful downtown. On hills overlooking the bay. The weather was perfect! I was able to find jeans and a western style shirt for Jake to show his pigs in next week at the county fair.

Downtown Petoskey

On the way back to the campground we passed the Bay View neighborhood. After doing some googling I learned Bay View started out as a church meeting camp in 1875 by a couple Methodist ministers. It continued to grow each summer until church members started building “cottages” for their summer church activities. I would hardly call them “cottages” but maybe that gives us some insight to what their year round houses look like.
Some Bay View “cottages”:






We also saw this at the local hotel. Apparently someone had a really good time watching the fireworks the other night.


We had some visitors stop by yesterday. One of Matt’s trailer reps was in Petoskey with his girlfriend and stopped by to visit. We all went to dinner in Harbor Springs, another great town about 10 miles from Petoskey. Judging from the massive yachts and expensive cars, Harbor Springs is an exclusive community. I kind of felt like we were filming an episode of “My Big Redneck Vacation” especially when Matt swung the big ol’ greasy Gray Goose into a parking space a few spots down from an Aston Martin.

I’m on a boat! Well not really but this is definitely a boat.

Jake & an Aston Martin. He was in heaven looking at all the cars. He would point one out, then start reciting that particular car’s specs. Amazing. Same kid I had to threaten with physical harm so he would learn his multiplication facts knows the top speed of a Bugatti without hesitation.

Jake and a custom Peterbilt used for pulling a camper.

His favorite part? The Dukes of Hazard style horn.

Last night in the campground

Last attempt at a family picture. All eyes open but some people still won’t smile.

This morning we are on our way home. Our 4H fair starts in the morning and we got some hogs to haul in. Busy week for all of us but especially this guy who discovered “Lizard Lick Towing” on the TV last night and apparently didn’t get much sleep.