We were in no hurry to get moving this morning. We took our time. The weather is absolutely gorgeous. High 70’s with beautiful sunshine. Such a nice reprieve from the perpetual rain and clouds at home.
Jake has been on a bike kick lately. He has always enjoyed riding his bike but the last few days he’s stepped it up to the next level due to a couple of reasons. My mom and dad took him riding on a trail at home so now he considers himself an expert trail rider. My dad bought him a speedometer for his bike a few days ago so we spend the majority of our days trying to best our maximum speed (current best is 26.4 mph). And more importantly, my brother just started getting into bike riding so jake automatically thinks it’s the best thing on Earth.

Jake riding the trail with my parents at home.

Petoskey is home to a wonderful bike trail system, The Little Traverse Wheelway. What I find fascinating about this bike trail is when it was created. In the late 1800’s during the bicycle craze. On one part of the trail there’s a sign that reads “No Teaming or Driving”. Had no idea what “teaming” meant until I read it was an original sign pertaining to no horse & buggy traffic.
We decided to take off on the trail today, including Matt who is well known for his philosophy of “if it’s worth seeing or doing, they will build a road to it”. I packed us some lunch and away we went.

Jake leading the way

Jake found a little (but mean looking) friend on the trail and the conversation went like this:
Jake: oh look, he’s gonna get run over if he doesn’t get off the trail.
Matt: well pick him up & move him
Me: no! Don’t pick him up, turtles can carry salmonella.
Matt: well just don’t lick him
That’s how Matt and I roll with our parenting skills. I’m the one who would wrap him up in bubble wrap & have him vaccinated for the bubonic plaque. Matt is the one who gives him matches & gasoline and tells him to have a good time.
We rode 20 miles round trip, from Petoskey to the outskirts of Alanson. We stopped and had lunch at the Michigan State Fish Hatchery which was located right on the trail.

A replica of the train cars they used to use to transport fish to the Upper Peninsula. I thought it was odd Matt volunteered for a picture then discovered he was standing on an AC vent trying to cool down.

A replica of the milk cans they used to use to transport the fish. They used to paint them different colors to let people know they weren’t milk cans anymore.

The professional bikers after we completed our 20 mile ride

Jake eating a sandwich. Feeding him is a full time job. He’s on a growth spurt right now (grown 2 inches since May) and his feeding schedule resembles an infant…every 2 hours.
Until tomorrow.