We left Miller’s Happy Acres this morning bound for Petoskey. I’m gonna be real honest…I don’t have much to say about our drive to Petoskey mostly due to the fact that I was unconscious during 95% of it. Miller’s Happy Acres was not conducive to sleep. We camped across from their seasonal section and starting around 11pm and continuing until 3am or so, were intoxicated seasonal campers setting off fireworks. And I don’t mean bottle rockets. I mean we-stole-these-from-the-town-fireworks-display ones. It literally rattled the camper windows. Matt, who has slept through tornadoes, baby croup and the smoke alarm, had no problem snoozing away. I, on the other hand, kept visualizing a wayward mortar blowing our camper to smithereens. Which most likely explains my somewhat disturbing dream last night where I was implicated in a school bombing.
Petoskey is just as beautiful as I remembered, especially Bay View. Bay View is an entire neighborhood filled with historic, Victorian houses, perched on the hills above the bay. As weaved our way through town, heading to the campground, we saw there were already hundreds of people staking out their spots for the firework display tonight.

Jake discovered ice cream vending machines today. I think he’s in love. On demand ice cream…I don’t think it could get much better for him.

Family photo at Petoskey State Park. And once again, no smile from Matt.

The view from the dunes at Petoskey State Park.

My little dune climber.

Around dusk we headed into Petoskey to find a place to watch the fireworks. We ended up back at Swirls Of Summer Ice Cream, the same place we watched them 2 years ago…and incidentally the same place the starter went out on our truck.
We had a good time enjoying our ice cream & people watching. I think there were a lot more people here this year and I know there were a lot more intoxicated, pajama pants wearing ones. It was pretty entertaining until it got dark enough to set off Roman candles, bottle rockets, black cats and sky lanterns then it became potential footage for the 11 o’clock news. (Think Hills Department Store fireworks circa 1987 for those of you familiar)

Waiting for the fireworks with my bestest festest.

A snapshot of the crowd.

Sunset over Little Traverse Bay

Show time!

It was a wonderful fireworks display. Well, I mean the official one. Not the black cats being set off 3 feet from the pack-n-play. Heading to bed. Not sure what we are doing tomorrow but you can bet it will be fun.