For the first time since we have been camping/traveling Matt made our reservations. For the first time since we have been camping/traveling our reservations were a little messed up. I’m not saying a word but I believe most of you (I mean all three people who read this) can make up your own minds as to the cause and effect relationship of our camping reservations.
Our reservations don’t start until tomorrow in Petoskey so we are staying a night at Millers Happy Acres this evening in Angola, Indiana near the Indiana/Michigan state line. Matt found this place online. We have never stayed here before. Not gonna lie. Was a little afraid we booked ourselves a night at the nudist camp especially since there is one up north here somewhere. I was pretty relieved when we pulled in and the campground is 10 ft away from the interstate. I reasoned county zoning laws probably forced nudist camps more set back than 10 feet.
Creeping towards our site this evening Jake wanted to know what this was:

Matt guessed it was for the dodge ball death matches. We laughed. Then Jake asked the campground manager “Oh that’s for our dodge ball matches. I heard you can’t even play dodge ball in school anymore so we have that”.
And just like that, Jake instantly fell I’m love with this place.

Jake has been a pretty fluent reader for quite a while now and I gotta be honest. Sometimes parenting was much easier before he could read. For example, tonight we would have already been in for the evening, watching TV, relaxing because when we told him the pool was already closed he would have believed us, no questions asked. Instead he easily read the sign, ransacked the camper for his swim trunks and hustled us all to the pool “because it doesn’t close until 10:00”. Matt was a good sport and swam with him. I sat on the edge and donated a couple of pints of blood to the local mosquito population.


Add pool hour signs to the list of other things making our parenting more difficult such as the program guide on the TV, inappropriate tattoos & billboards for “gentlemen’s clubs”.

We plan to hit the road to Petoskey bright and early tomorrow morning. Until then…goodnight.