We survived! Everyone made it back home with all of their fingers and toes and no broken bones. We had a few broken tail lights and one piece of cracked plastic but other than that, we are good. I think that’s a pretty big accomplishment when you spent 2 days trail riding with 5 kids.

Sitting around the campfire

We headed out Saturday morning & realized no matter how we arranged it, we were one seat short. So Emma graciously stayed back for the first trip.

Fueling the whole fleet up. Unfortunately this happened too often.

Molly getting ready to head out on her first trail ride. She was so excited.

At the start of the trail. Let’s ride!

The gang on the trail on the way to

Stopping to switch rides. Getting ready for Molly’s first solo ride.

Trails were a little dusty.
After our first ride we came back to the cabins & had lunch. The kids wanted to wash the trail dust off, so they went for a swim in the lake. Only intoxicated adults (see previous post) or individuals under 18 could have swam in that lake. It was so cold!

The gang jumping in!

The kids swam for a while & played with a paddleboat. Actually I had no idea you could find so many uses for a paddle boat. Swim island, makeshift surf board, see saw, king-of-the-mountain, diving board….I was starting to calculate how much we were going to have to spend to replace it. Sometimes it was ugly. But then sometimes it was this :

Paddling around the lake.

Then it was time for trail ride round #2. This time I stayed behind with Luke.

The gang heading out.

This round they were able to do the northern part of the trail, up by Lincoln Hills. After they returned we had time for one more round of riding before it was time to load them up. Here are some additional pictures from the trip.

The boys pretending they were driving my brother’s side by side. We were going to send him a picture but decided he could and would make a quick drive to kick our butts.

Using the paddle boat for everything except paddle boating.

Megan jumping fully clothed in the lake with the kids to wash the trail dust off. The kids went wild!

Molly & Emma


After swimming, paddle boat destroying and riding, no one had any problem sleeping.
On the way home, Jake was trying to sleep & got a little cranky with Levi & Luke in the backseat. He told Matt “Turn up the air conditioning. It’s hot! There’s a lot of man meat back here”.

Hot man meat & all, it was an awesome trip. Can’t wait until we can do it again.