We left yesterday after Matt got off work, taking three of the five kiddos with us. The other two, Molly & Levi are coming up later this evening with Levi’s parents since Levi is in summer driver’s ed & couldn’t miss class today.
This trip has been a lot of work to plan & prepare but seeing how excited the kids were to go made it worth it.

Jake, Emma & Luke

Well at least most of us were having fun.

Our cabin has 2 bedrooms and a sleeper sofa. Patrick and Spongebob got the first bedroom.

And Curly Sue got the sleeper sofa.


We didn’t get in until after midnight so everyone slept pretty well. It was either our late night arrival or Matt’s threat of violence if anyone under the age of 18 got up before 9am.
We woke up to an absolutely gorgeous morning.

Once we got everyone fed and ATV’s unloaded, we headed out to hit the trails. Lake County Michigan boasts hundreds of miles of off road vehicle riding trails and easy access to the trail heads via public roads open to ATV traffic.

The gang on the trail

Luke & I

Emma & Jake

Who can resist a mud puddle?

Luke’s turn

Trails were a little dusty.

We rode 76.8 miles today. Some of the trails, especially Tin Cup, were a little rough but that’s what makes it so fun. The kids took turns riding with me on the 2-up & during some good bumps on Tin Cup, we actually attempted to switch seats. I loved hearing the laughter…theirs and mine.
After we made it back to the motel, the kids jumped in the lake, which is literally feet from our door. They also enjoyed the paddleboat.


After the kids got out & showered, they decided to take the paddleboat out again with Luke fiercely proclaiming “no one better dare get me wet! I have my phone on me”. A few minutes later, a rather intoxicated 50 something year old guy from next door ran down the dock, jumped in fully clothed & soaked Luke. Apparently, even in his drunken state he could tell Luke wasn’t happy so he offers to buy Luke a beer. We took a rain check on that offer. He didn’t even have Luke’s brand.

Luke after his soaking & an apparent photo bomb.
The drunk guys & his buddies are quite friendly. Like overly friendly. They offered us a bite off of their yard long pepperoni stick (go ahead, bite yourself off a chunk, there’s plenty) I’m beginning to think we may be in the opening scenes of a low budget horror film. Remote, wooded setting. Check. Overly friendly tattooed strangers. Check check. Unsuspecting family. Check check check. I just haven’t figured out where the 3 feet of pepperoni comes in yet.

Until tomorrow (unless you don’t hear from me, then just know the guys in unit 3 have dumped our corpses.)