Today IS the day! We are heading out late this afternoon after Matt gets off work for Baldwin, Michigan to trail ride for the weekend. For the first time ever, we are taking our nieces & nephews for a grand total of 5 kids!

Count em’ One….two…three…four…five!
If you happen to personally know Matt then you would also know that he’s not exactly Mother Goose. More than once he’s said “Just think. Some people have more than one”. Now this usually comes after Jake has rammed his four wheeler into the side of our freshly paid off camper or after Jake needs something like corrective eye surgery or lunch money but you get the idea. This weekend should be interesting.
Now on the other hand, Jake is so excited he can’t quit smiling. His older cousins are better than ice cream for him. And if you personally know Jake you would know how big of a statement that is. I recently was lecturing Jake on not getting in cars with strangers and it went something like this:
Me: you know you shouldn’t get in cars with people you don’t know. Like a guy offering you candy to go help him look for his lost dog.
Jake: (rolls his eyes) Yes. Unless he has ice cream, then it’s negotiable.
We loaded up the family truckster last night. After a short pause to repair a trailer tire.

Pesky nail.

Loaded up, fueled up, liquored up (hey 5 kids, don’t judge) and ready to head out.

Talk to you soon.