We started the sad process of packing up last evening after dinner. While Jake played with his friends one last time, we started putting up lawn chairs, packing the grill away and the like.

Jake & his friends from Illinois.

Some of his other friends. I thought the one boy kind of looked like Rowley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Remember the pictures from the other evening of Matt & I? The ones where he blamed my camera flash for his less than stellar expressions? Well apparently it’s genetic.

Like father, like son

But I am happy to report that on Take #314, Matt not only kept his eyes open but he actually smiled. He refuses to smile for pictures which made our wedding pictures look like a redneck version of American Gothic.


Jake and his new bike light. He used the money my parents gave him to buy it and almost cried when we explained sales tax. I just blamed those blood sucking, lazy teachers.

Size comparison between last year and this year. That kid grows an inch a week. And no more ordering from the kids menu. He’s like “I think I will have the filet mignon with a baked potato and side salad…”

One last glance at our home for the last week. Sigh….

We decided not to stop and we are currently trying to make it home this evening. We were making pretty good time until Nashville.

This was our view for 2+ hours trying to pass though. Ugh.

We finally cleared Nashville and stopped at a truck stop to grab a quick sandwich. Since we are pulling the camper, we have to hang out with the big boys in the semi parking lot. We were sitting in the truck eating our sandwiches when Jake says “Oh wow. That’s gonna be crowded. That lady just got in the semi with those two guys”. Matt and I about choked on our whoppers.

Jake was all worried about how they were gonna sleep. “That would be really crowded to have three people in a sleeper”.

Sometimes you can’t teach kids just from books. You gotta take them out…let them see it first hand.
Northward bound. My bed at home is calling me.