Jake has made some friends this week. A pretty good group of boys who have spent the week playing wiffle ball, kick ball, looking for crabs and playing in the water. One little boy, Cole from Georgia, is especially amusing. He’s probably a year or two younger than Jake, talks like Larry the Cable Guy and tried to get the rest of the boys to play Ding, Dong, Ditch in the campground. They weren’t sold on the idea so he decided to fly solo. He knocked on some random camper door and then just stood there. Apparently he forgot the “ditch” part & the boys thought it was hilarious.

Jake & one of his friends hanging out at the campground.

So last night when Matt and I tried to get Jake in the truck to go to dinner, he was not having it. He begged us to stay in the campground so he and his friends could finish a wiffle ball game. We ended up with cheeseburgers. Not gourmet but it was a gorgeous evening. Especially for a game of wiffle ball.
Today was a little chilly. It was overcast but the sun tried to break through the clouds all day. We stayed around the camper all day, trying to enjoy the last of our trip while Jake played.

The fishing pier at our campground stretching out into Santa Rosa Sound.

The beach view. Gosh am I gonna miss this.

Jake’s camping must have. He loves this sign. One of the first things he gets out when we set up somewhere.

Our camper is the next to last one on the right. We have joked we have been on Motorhome Row all week.

We discovered that one of our all time favorite restaurants, Cock of the Walk, has a restaurant nearby in Pensacola. We were on a mission. Everything we have ever had there has been absolutely delicious.

They serve you using metal cups and plates.

The hand breaded fried pickles. Deep fried heaven.

The most amazing pickled onions. Jake & Matt can’t stand onions so I didn’t have to share.

Our waitress flipping the corn bread. It’s made from scratch & served in its own little cast iron skillet.

Matt’s steak. He said they have the best steak he has ever had….and that’s saying a lot. I swear he could be a food critic. Kind of like Anthony Bourdain. But without the weird food. Or the overdose of hair gel.

Outside the restaurant they had a chicken coop and a pond with ducks, turtles and geese.

We watched this cat for a while. He was trying to figure out how to catch dinner.

Jake with the chickens. Jake said the rooster was saying “I say I say boy…”

We stopped for some ice and to blend some diesel fuel with our grease and Jake hopped out to go the bathroom. He comes running back to the truck and serious as can be tells us “this place is kind of creepy. They are selling these rough rider condoms in the bathroom”. He even offered to take my phone & get a picture in case I didn’t believe him.

With full bellies and the sad realization we have to head home tomorrow, we are on our way back to the campground. Talk to you from the road tomorrow…..

P. S. Matt has been complaining that my blog entries may not paint him in the best light. I don’t know how to put domestic violence in a good light (remember his Ike Turner moment yesterday) but I did want to note for the record that he walked back to the truck to get Jake and I some quarters so we could buy food for the ducks and turtles. Let the record show….