Last night I decided to pick a new place for dinner. We were starving so we couldn’t get there quick enough. Unfortunately it was quite possibly one of the worst meals I have had out in a long time. From the service to the inedible food, it was bad. Except for the fried green tomatoes. (Just in case you were wondering it was the East River Smokehouse BBQ in Navarre)

These were excellent. Battered with like a Cajun fish breading.

Jake really liked the “glasses” they used. He thought he was Tickle from Moonshiners. Makes me wish he would have had time to get to know my Granddaddy because mason jars were standard drink ware with him.

The food was so bad, this is where we ended up immediately after we left:

Double double cheese cheese burger burger please

This morning we woke up to rain. No wind, thunder or lightning, just a steady downpour. We decided we would head into Pensacola, eat lunch & go to the National Naval Air Museum. Good plan except I think every spring breaker from the lower 48 had the same plan. Goodness was it crowded.

Jake & Matt at the museum

Jake loved the helicopters.

Checking out the planes. He kept saying “I wish Papaw Bogey was here. He could tell me about these planes”. (Papaw Bogey is my dad who was an airplane mechanic in the Air Force)

Jake in front of a replica of the atom bomb. Crazy to think something relatively small could cause so much damage. Kinda like Jake.

Jake, holding a cell phone photo of who he’s named after, Great Grandpa Oren, in front of the hometown hero display at the museum.

The National Naval Air Museum is located on the Pensacola Naval Base and it’s absolutely worth the drive and time. We were impressed. And the best part was it was free admission although donations were appreciated.
As we started back to our campsite the wind started picking up. We didn’t think much of it until we got to our camper and discover our camper awning was ripped and the new canopy we are using for the first time was close to ending up in the sound. I don’t have pictures of our damage but this our neighbor’s canopy so you can get a sense of the wind damage:


Needless to say Matt was a little less than happy so snapping pictures while he wrestled the remnants of the canopy and awning was probably not good for my health. I tried to help him pack the canopy back in the bag it came in (seriously how do those Chinese kids do it?) and as he tugged on one corner, while I held the bag, his hand slips and he slugs me in the face. This must be what Tina Turner felt like….I mean what’s love got to do with it?

So we are currently watching TV (really crappy TV I might add. My dad has Jake watching Roy Rogers and old Westerns) and searching the Internet for the best price on replacement awnings. Waiting & hoping on some sunshine.

P. S. last evening while out on the deck, I tried to snap a quick picture of Matt and I. He insists my camera flash makes it impossible to keep your eyes open. I didn’t have a problem….on any of the 6+ takes. We were laughing so hard the neighbors were staring. Oh well….that’s nothing new.