Last night while we were waiting for our pizza Jake and I perused the pet store next door.

Meet Roofus. Jake & I’s new friend. He was probably the fattest, most laid back cat I have ever seen. Jake really wants a cat but Matt has a tendency to turn them into grease spots in our driveway. He claims by “accident”.

We met some really friendly ferrets. Like too friendly. Like lick your arm up and down friendly. Kind of creepy. That’s a finger in the middle of this picture for you junior high folks. Or for any male, regardless of age.

And this little fellow is a “degas”. Never heard of them. Kind of a guinea pig slash sewer rat hybrid. They sold them in pairs. I honestly don’t know why…they fought like crazy. They were actually missing patches of fur from their constant fighting. Or maybe it was ringworm. I don’t know.

Jake insisted he needed a boat for the beach. So we paid $29.99 for an inflatable boat at the surf store that probably would have cost us $15.99 at Meijer but it made him happy….until he remembered he destroyed the air pump we used to keep in the camper. I have to admit I did get some enjoyment out of the 53 minutes it took for him to inflate the boat since I warned him about taking the air pump out of the camper in the first place.

Jake huffin’ and puffin’

Finally got it aired up and realized he didn’t have any paddles. He improvised with a sand shovel.

Trying to make it to the shipping lanes.

This was the absolutely gorgeous sunset last evening.

This morning we awoke to another gorgeous day.


And Jake sleepily made it out to the deck this morning. He wanted to sit on Matt’s lap.

This is starting to look like two grown men cuddling.

Matt took the truck into town to have the deferential cap replaced on the back axle. I have no idea what any of that means I’m just repeating what he told me. Apparently it was important we get this done. I think he just wanted some alone time. He hadn’t had any since those 25 minutes on I-65 when Jake and I got trapped in the camper.
While he was out with the truck, Jake and I went to the pool….with the boat. He insisted on taking it. But didn’t put much thought into how he was gonna haul it on his bike.

He eventually got it. Although he had to show me the tire tread marks on the front where he somehow managed to run over it with his bike.
We crossed the bridge to Navarre Beach this afternoon to check out the paddle board rentals. We signed a paper, gave the guy some money and put our nine year old on a paddle board with no instruction or even a life jacket. Looking back, probably not one of our best parenting moments. We watched, trying to keep the panic out of our voices, as Jake paddled away from shore towards the shipping channel while frantically yelling at us that he couldn’t figure out how to turn it around.


We all took turns on the paddle board but I’m not publishing any pictures of me for two important reasons. First, Matt broke my no photos of me for any reason at any time rule and I don’t want to condone his behavior. And second, after you have kids you realize that your swimsuit pictures are only fit for publication in National Geographic, next to the topless tribal woman breast feeding her 12 year old.

Just came in from the beach. Gonna get our showers and figure out dinner plans. Until tomorrow…..