Not a lot of excitement to report. The sun was shining when we got up this morning so you knew it was gonna be a good day.
We sent jake to the pool/laundry house to see if there were washer/dryer available before we lugged our 47 lbs of dirty laundry up there. He came back, happy to report that there were some “open”. So we hauled our laundry tote up there only to discover that apparently we weren’t specific enough with Jake. He only checked to see if the laundry room was open. He didn’t check to see if there were washer and dryers open. I was hap hap happy.
While waiting poolside for the washer & dryers I met a retired special education teacher from Kentucky. We had a good visit discussing IEP’s, merit pay, standardized testing and the like. Our spouses not so much.

Jake enjoying the pool. We finally got a site on the beach & Jake has decided he wants to spend all of his time in the pool on the OPPOSITE end of the campground. Go figure…..

It’s warmer today than yesterday so we decided to put up our new canopy that my parents got us for Christmas. The canopy material is similar to the parachute we all played with in elementary gym class & I was having fun with it until Matt told me “get out of here you’re pissing me off”. Apparently he never got to bounce a kick ball on a parachute in elementary school. Haters gonna hate I guess.

Our new canopy.

Playing in the parachute canopy.

The water in the sound is much colder than last year but it hasn’t stopped Jake or Matt. They are determined to either be 1) shark bait or 2) interfere with the shipping lanes because they insist on venturing as far as they can into the sound.

Those small dots in the water would be my husband and small child.

Just came in for the day. Getting showers and gonna look for some dinner. I think the vote is 2 to 1 for pizza. Ugh.
Just another day in paradise. Literally.