We woke up this morning to the strangest sight….this brightness was pouring in the windows. Took us a few moments to realize that it was sunshine. It’s been so long since we had seen it.

The view from our deck this morning.

Jake snorkeling in the sound.

We started the day by washing and waxing the camper. I know exciting but it was much needed. After the unfortunate grease spill incident from last summer and the subsequent chemical degreaser we used to clean it, the gel coat needed some TLC.
Then we proceeded to waste the rest of the day sitting out in the sunshine. It felt WONDERFUL.
This evening we went out to eat at TC’s Front Porch. A converted gas station that has some of the best fish tacos I have ever found. However I think they must have kept the same bathrooms from the gas station days because they honestly were worse than any gas station bathroom I’ve ever been in. Matt even used a paper towel to open the door.
We had some good conversations with Jake today.

He told Matt today that he was glad he was a “little bit chubby” because he discovered that “girls dig chubby guys”. He also told us, as a guy on a motorcycle with an extra helmet on the back passed by, that “you should never carry an extra helmet because it announces to the world you’re lonely”. He cracks me up.
Jake has made some friends and they went crabbing tonight.

The boys looking for crabs.

Not a whole lot of adventure to report today. Just relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. Farewell until tomorrow….