After enjoying the weather in Nashville (I mean really who doesn’t enjoy mid 40’s and a steady downpour?) we got up early to hit the road south. Florida bound! Unfortunately about 30 miles south of Nashville, it turned into this:

Bumper to bumper as far you could see.

We should have been there hours ago but are just currently rolling through Montgomery. Jake has been mapping our route on google maps and our conversations have gone something like this:
Jake: 5 hours to the beach!
Us: alright! Thanks buddy.
(Then after spending a couple hours in standstill traffic)
Jake: 5 hours to the beach??? There’s no way! It said that 2 hours ago.

We came to a dead stop about 15 miles north of Montgomery. A wreck in the north bound lanes had shut the north bound lanes down and our south bound lanes were open but crawling. Every exit we passed was jammed with people needing fuel and restrooms so when Jake and I had to go we decided we would just run back to the camper and use the facilities there. We thought we were pretty smart until the moment we slammed the door and traffic finally broke loose. We spent the next 20 minutes riding in the camper at 75 mph.

Jake & I bouncing along in the camper at 75. Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!

We watched out the camper window at the thousands and thousands of people who were stopped in the north bound lanes. They must have been stopped for several hours because we saw makeshift basketball games, a frisbee tourney and bikini sunbathers in the passing lane.

So perhaps the grill we saw on 465 in Indy really was used in a traffic jam.

Matt took the first exit he could so Jake and I could get out of the camper and back in the truck. When we stopped moving I mistakenly opened the door in the middle of an intersection. The lady in the Lexus behind us thought it was pretty funny. We finally made it back to the truck and Matt says “the least you could have done was made us some sandwiches while you were back there. ”

Currently heading south…with glorious sunshine and a wonderful 82 degrees. Hoping my toes are in the sand by sundown.