Traffic was pretty heavy as we left Indiana with every other spring breaker from north of Indianapolis. I-465 was bumper to bumper for miles.

Some random charcoal grill sitting in the south bound lanes of 465. Matt said you know traffic is bad when people start grilling.

Found some cute flip flops at a truck stop in Kentucky. No lie. They were cute. Is it wrong to buy your shoes at a truck stop? I know you shouldn’t buy a girlfriend at truck stops but I don’t know about shoes.

We rolled on to Nashville and pulled into the KOA about 10:00. Being the type A gal that I am, I made reservations earlier in the week and we found our reservation packet in the night drop box since the office was closed. We follow the map to our site and find this:

That would be a ginormous motorhome in our reserved site.

After bickering debating what to do, Matt decides to knock on the door of the motorhome and see what we can do since there are little to no campsites available. The couple in the motorhome refuse to move and tell us to take what was supposed to be their site. At this point, we are tired, cold and ready for bed so we head to their site to set up. We spend 20-25 minutes unhooking, leveling, getting the stabilizer jacks set, etc only to plug in and discover the sizzling noise the outlet is making isn’t good. We have no power. Which is probably why Mr and Mrs Campsite Burglar took our site. The next chain of events are kind of blurry but they involve Matt throwing a flashlight down the road, some cursing and our next door neighbors offering to help us evict the people on our reserved site. I found the after hours emergency number for the campground and Matt calls. Within minutes a campground employee arrives to let us know that we are on the wrong site. Thank you so much Mr Obvious. To make a long story short, even the campground employee can’t get the people to move so he ends up fixing our power. We now have electricity and a warm bed so we settled in for the night.
Our plan for today was to sight see in Nashville. I envisioned taking the free shuttle to downtown and randomly bumping into some people. (Well hey Miranda & Blake! Good to see ya’ll)but rarely have our adventures ever gone as planned. We are currently enjoying a balmy 48 degrees and a steady downpour. And oh some traffic.


So far the best part has been getting to see one of our longtime friends. It’s been several years since we’ve seen him & we got to spend a nice lunch together. It ran a little long…like to the point where the waiter quits even checking on you anymore in hopes you’ll take the hint and leave but it was a good time. Lots of laughs.


Not sure what the rest of the day holds but we’re hoping the rain stops soon. Still searching for some sunshine.