Officially at 4:02 pm EST (which was really 3:02 pm a few weeks ago but I will leave the DST discussion for later) we lugged our way out of the driveway heading south. Can’t say I’m gonna miss any of this:


We are heading towards Nashville for the next 2 days. Our reservations in Florida don’t begin until Saturday so we are taking an extra day in Nashville to sight see & meet up with one of our long time friends who we haven’t seen in several years.
Jake has been super duper excited to leave until this afternoon. He doesn’t want to leave his dogs & I understand. Matt thinks we are completely bonkers but that’s nothing new.
I especially don’t like to leave Lucy. She’s almost 14, legally blind and acts like a turtle flipped over on its shell when she falls. I told her not to die while we were gone. Not so much because that would be horrible (I would have to take bereavement leave) but more so because Daisy would most likely drag her carcass to the front yard & chew on her until we got back.
If you think I’m kidding you have obviously never seen the debris and various animal carcasses that Daisy has littered the front yard with. Here’s my Lucy:


As always we have a tune to jam to. For some random reason Jake discovered Jimmy Buffett so we have been belting out “if you like Piña coladas….”
Rolling out…Nashville bound. Bring on the sunshine.