We debated where we wanted to go today. Our first plan was to drive to cheybooooogan 😉 and maybe take the ferry to Bois Blanc Island just to say we did. But since we had absolutely no Internet service we couldn’t figure out what was on Bois Blanc Island. For all we knew it could have been a tuberculosis sanitarium. We drove on through.
I saw a billboard for the Mystery Spot in St Ignace & remembered that I read about the numerous “mystery spots” scattered throughout the US. Spots where supposedly gravity goes wacky. Water flows uphill and you can stand on walls. Figured it would be fun for Jake, we decided to head there.
You are led by a tour guide into these rooms made to look like old cabin ruins built into the side of a hill. Story goes that 3 surveyors from California came across this mystery spot in 1953. They tried to survey the area but found a spot, roughly 300 ft in diameter, where their surveying instruments would go crazy. I think it might also be the place where some guy decided to build an optical illusion & make tons of money off tourists in about 1953. But it fascinates the kids. Jake was awed and Matt & I were nauseous. The optical illusions gave you a sense of vertigo. No exaggeration.
We ate at Jose’s Cantina in St Ignace (anyone want to guess what I had?) and wandered aimlessly around the shoreline in the family Truckster. We pulled into a lakeside park & heard Jake mutter from the backseat “This place makes my butthole pucker”. I have no idea where he heard something like that but I’m blaming his father. And if his father didn’t do it, I’m blaming my brother, aka “Uncle Bubber”.
Our new gadget this trip has been the GoPro Camera. (thanks Katie!) It’s a small camera, smaller than a credit card, designed to take along for extreme sports. Unless you count nacho sampling an extreme sport, we mostly intended to use it for four wheeling & camping. We’ve had it for a couple months but didn’t know how to use it. I read the directions this trip (I know novel idea) & figured it out. I also figured out we had taken approximately 126 photos of ourselves, well mostly our nostrils, in our attempts to get it to work. I would highly recommend the GoPro to anyone though. Easy to carry, excellent pictures, simple to use (once you read the directions & delete all of the nasal pictures off the memory card)
Unfortunately our time here is drawing to a close. I could stay here all summer. Michigan is probably one of my all time favorite places.

How we have spent most late evenings….cheering on Team USA in the Olympics.

Mystery Spot, St Ignace

Jake standing straight but looking like he’s leaning backwards.

Sitting on a chair “stuck” by unexplainable gravitational forces to the wall 🙂

Another day, another order of nachos. This time courtesy of Jose’s Cantina in St Ignace

Chartreuse micro bus for sale. I know. We listen to waaaay too much WC McCall. Against my will at least.